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Sorotan Wikimedia, Juli 2013

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This page is a translated version of the page Wikimedia Highlights, July 2013 and the translation is 75% complete.

Sorotan dari Laporan Yayasan Wikimedia dan Laporan Teknis Wikimedia untuk bulan Juli 2013, dengan berbagai berita penting lainnya dari kegiatan dari gerakan Wikimedia

Sorotan Yayasan Wikimedia

Antarmuka penyuntingan mobil yang baru

Penyuntingan mobil

This month, the mobile web team released new navigation features for contributors to all Wikimedia mobile sites, including the existing upload and watchlist star features, as well as an edit button. This means that editing (in the form of section-level markup editing) is now enabled on all mobile Wikimedia sites for logged-in users. The users of our "beta" channel will soon see redesigned mobile notifications, as well as guides for first-time editors and uploaders. (More about the beta channel and how you can opt in.)

Wikipedia Zero diluncurka di India

Peluncuran Wikipedia Zero di India memberikan akses bebas biaya ke Wikipedia bagi 60 juta pelanggan jaringan seluler melalui perangkat telpon seluler mereka. Kampanye promosi ini, dipimpin oleh mitra kami Aircel, mendapatkan liputan luas dari media cetak dan didampingi oleh Twitter dan kegiatan blogging. Pelanggan Aircel sekarang mendapatkan akses bebas biaya ke Wikipedia dalam bahasa Inggris dan juga 19 Wikipedia berbahasa India.

Peluncuran purwarupa VisualEditor

In July we enabled the new editing interface on several Wikipedias as the default editor, first for logged-in editors and then for anonymous users as well. This resulted in a great deal of feedback, and the team responded with several hundred improvements to fix urgent issues. In addition, the team deployed user interface improvements, most notably to the references insertion dialog. Currently, users are making approximately 800 edits per hour using the VisualEditor on Wikimedia sites.

There are continuing discussions with different language communities about the positioning of the VisualEditor beta in the user interface and appropriate notices indicating its beta status. The Wikimedia Foundation is using the beta period to collect and analyze bug reports, feature enhancements, and data, to observe actual user behavior, and to improve the editing experience continuously. Our eventual objective is for VisualEditor to be the default editor for all Wikipedia users, capable of letting them edit the majority of content without needing to use the wikitext editor.

Please help translate the user interface of VisualEditor.

Data dan Kecenderungan

Global unique visitors for June:

500 million (-4.25% compared with May; +6.37% compared with the previous year)
(comScore data for all Wikimedia Foundation projects; comScore will release July data later in August)

Page requests for July:

21.2 billion (+0.4% compared with June; +19.8% compared with the previous year)
(Server log data, all Wikimedia Foundation content projects including mobile access, but excluding Wikidata and the Wikipedia main portal page.)

Active Registered Editors for June 2013 (>= 5 mainspace edits/month, excluding bots):

data currently under review
(Database data, all Wikimedia Foundation projects.)

Report Card (integrating various statistical data and trends about WMF projects):




Pendapatan dan Biaya dibandingkan rencana Yayasan Wikimedia per tanggal 30 Juni 2013
Biaya-biaya berdasarkan fungsi Yayasan Wikimedia sampai dengan tahun ini per tanggal 30 Juni 2013

(Informasi keuangan baru tersedia sampai dengan Juni 2013 saat penyusunan laporan ini)

All financial information presented is for the Month-To-Date and Year-To-Date June 30, 2013.

Pendapatan USD 51.040.795
Kelompok Teknisi USD 15.224.438
Kelompok Penggalangan Dana USD 3.463.128
Kelompok Pemberi Hibah & Program USD 8.830.248
Kelompok Pemerintahan USD 742.435
Kelompok Penasihat/Komunikasi Hukum/Komunitas USD 3.090.563
Kelompok Keuangan/SDM/Admin USD 5.865.595
Jumlah Biaya-biaya USD 37.216.407
Kelebihan dana USD 13.824.388
  • Penerimaan pada bulan Juni adalah USD 0,48 Juta dibandingan dengan rencana UDS 0,28 Juta, dengan selisih USD 205 Ribu atau 74% melebihi rencana.
  • Pendapatan sampai dengan tahun ini adalah USD 51,04 Juta dari rencana USD 46,07 Juta, dengan selisih USD 4,97 Juta atau 11% di atas rencana.
  • Biaya-biaya untuk bulan Juni sebesar USD 3,39 Juta dari rencana USD 3,99 Juta dengan selisih USD 598 Ribu atau 15% di bawah rencana, terutama disebabkan oleh rendahnya biaya pegawai, hosting internet, dan pengeluaran untuk hibah (hibah FDC) yang sebagian diimbangi dengan tingginya biaya modal, diluar layanan kontrak, biaya jasa hukum, dan biaya perjalanan dinas.
  • Pengeluaran tahun ini sebesar USD 37,22 Juta dari rencana USD 42,07 Juta, kira-kira USD 4,85 Juta atau 12% di bawah rencana, terutama disebabkan oleh menurunnya biaya kepegawaian, internet hosting, biaya hibah (hibah FDC), dan biaya perjalanan dinas sebagian diimbangi kenaikan biaya modal, konsultasi hukum, biaya administrasi bank, jasa kontrak pihak ketiga, dan biaya pajak bumi dan bangunan.
  • Jumlah uang kas pada 30 Juni 2013 adalah USD 39,75 Juta.

Kegiatan lain yang menjadi sorotan

Second place in Wiki Loves Public Art 2013: The Aino Fountain by artist Emil Wikström in Lahti, Finland - photographed by User:Kartanofoto

Pengumuman Pemenang "Wiki Loves Public Art"

At the end of July, the winners of Wiki Loves Public Art were announced. Similar to Wiki Loves Monuments, "Wiki Loves Public Art" is an international contest to take photos of artworks that are accessible to the public. It took place for the first time this year, in Austria, Finland, Israel, Spain (Barcelona) and Sweden. 225 participants uploaded more than 9,250 images.

Ana Toni (2009)

Anggota Dewan Perwalian yang baru: Ana Toni

Ana Toni was appointed to the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees in July for a two-year term. Toni is the CEO of a consultancy firm based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which works on social and environmental issues. She serves as the chair of Greenpeace International, and previously worked in leading positions for the Ford Foundation and ActionAid.

Ajang Edit-a-thon Buenos Aires dilaksanakan di bekas penjara militer

On July 20, a "Memorial Edit-a-thon" was held in Buenos Aires, at ESMA, a former "black site" (illegal military prison) during the Argentine military dictatorship from 1976 to 1983, and today a human-rights museum. Besides experienced and new Wikipedia editors, it was also attended by survivors of the black site. The Argentine Wikimedia chapter interviewed one of the attendees, a photographer who dedicated most of her career to political activism and owns an archive of 45,000 photographs that she intends to upload to Wikimedia Commons after digitization.