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The Wikimedia Foundation has recently launched two new grant programs:

Rapid Grants provide quick support throughout the year for projects up to USD 2000.
Project Grants are awarded twice a year for all types of offline and online projects.

Please note these new programs replace Individual Engagement Grants (IEG) and Project & Event Grants (PEG). IEG and PEG are no longer accepting applications.

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The Head of Individual Engagement Grants will schedule a monthly check-in with each project team, to assess and support needs as a project progresses.

midpoint report

A midpoint report demonstrating progress and lessons learned thus far must be submitted on Meta-Wiki. This report is is due within 15 days after three months of the grant's start date.

To create your midpoint report, use the "Start your Midpoint" button from your IEGrant project page.

final report

A final report on the project’s outcomes, lessons, and impact assessment as measured against the project's targets and goals, must be submitted on Meta-Wiki. This report is is due within 30 days after the grant's end date.

To create your final report, use the "Start your Final" button from your IEGrant project page.

lesson dissemination

Grantees are encouraged to attend Wikimania or other movement gatherings to present findings to the community, in addition to providing the above written documentation.

To help the WMF learn about and improve its grantmaking programs, grantees are asked to complete occasional surveys during and after the grant period and to participate in longer-term follow-up interviews.

engaging current grants
engaging current grants

We know that occasionally something happens and more time may be needed to complete your project than expected. That is ok, as long as you keep us updated and request approval for significant changes.


If your final report is due but you need more time, please use the button provided on your timeline page to request an extension. Staff will reply there to confirm approval or request additional information.


Projects that demonstrate strong potential for impact and need for further funding may be considered for a renewal grant of six additional months.

  • If you see need for continued funding, discuss this with the your program officer or other advisors during project check-ins.
  • In the final grant report, you'll find a button to submit a renewal request. This should be created as soon after you submit the final report as possible.
  • Renewals should include a plan for the second six months, with clear scope, budget, and measures of success.
  • Staff will reply on the renewal request to confirm approval or request additional information.
engaging current grants


contact us

Visit for more information about the Wikimedia Foundation.

need help with your idea?

Seriously, check out the IdeaLab, where experienced Wikimedians can help you develop your idea and your application.

other questions?

We have a page for that! We like to keep discussion in public so that everyone can benefit. Ask on the Individual Engagement Grants question page.

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  1. Submitted proposals may be improved during this period based on feedback.
  2. Submitted proposals may be improved during this period based on feedback.
  3. Submitted proposals may be improved during this period based on feedback.