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Meta-Wiki has a small active community. When a normal user requires the assistance of an administrator or bureaucrat for some particular task, it is not always easy to find one. This page helps users find one when they need one; asking specific admins directly via their talk pages is one way to elicit a fast response. It is only for assistance required at Meta-wiki, help for other wikis needs to be requested at those wikis. See also: Stewards' noticeboard, Access to nonpublic personal data policy noticeboard, Category:Meta-Wiki policies, Category:Global policies
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Protection request[edit]

Hi there,

I request a protection against vandalism for my talk page. Already thanks.


Nieuwsgierige Gebruiker (talk) 06:18, 5 June 2020 (UTC)

Yes check.svg Protected for a month. Kind regards, — Tulsi Bhagat contribs | talk ] 06:34, 5 June 2020 (UTC)
Checkmark This section is resolved and can be archived. If you disagree, replace this template with your comment. Nieuwsgierige Gebruiker (talk) 06:37, 5 June 2020 (UTC)


This user has put personal attack on their user page so I removed them. Then he put it once again, at rev 19983112 (Korean). I removed it once again at rev 20044497. They reverted so I reverted with the warning that they may be blocked. They put it again here and Billinghurst removed it once again. Now they've put it in Thai, which translates to the same meaning in English. (Google translate them.) Either their userpage needs to be protected, or be blocked for lack of Civility and ignorance of our policy and guidelines.

Since they've opened a Babel discussion at Meta:Babel#Request for comment accusing me of cyber-bullying, I'd rather not handle it, and leave it to neutral 3rd party admins to handle it. — regards, Revi 13:09, 5 June 2020 (UTC)

Checkmark This section is resolved and can be archived. If you disagree, replace this template with your comment. TheSandDoctor Talk 17:53, 6 June 2020 (UTC)


This RfD is more than a week old and has had sufficient participation. I see no consensus to delete, but I'd appreciate fellow admin comments as it is the 6th time this page is nominated for deletion. —MarcoAurelio (talk) 11:35, 6 June 2020 (UTC)

Checkmark This section is resolved and can be archived. If you disagree, replace this template with your comment. TheSandDoctor Talk 17:40, 6 June 2020 (UTC)

Privacy policy violation at Wikimedia Affiliates Data Portal[edit]


I have noticed that the fully protected page Wikimedia Affiliates Data Portal runs a script that:

  • makes edits on my behalf without informing me
  • publicly shares the information that I visited this specific page at this specific time from this specific account (and it does the same for IPs).

More details on Talk:Wikimedia Affiliates Data Portal#Privacy.

This is a blatant violation of Privacy policy, as we can neither make edits on someone's behalf without notice nor publicly track their page views. As the page is fully protected, I cannot fix the problem myself, and the problem is bad enough that it cannot wait until WMF staff deploys a fix. An action from a sysop to deploy a fix is thus needed. Thanks — NickK (talk) 16:37, 6 June 2020 (UTC)

Alternatively (for interface admins) a fix can be deployed directly to MediaWiki:Gadget-arpQueryForm.js (which is a default gadget, activated even for my bot that never edited Meta) — NickK (talk) 16:45, 6 June 2020 (UTC)
Pending clarification, out of caution, removed the script from gadget. Tracker has been removed. — regards, Revi 17:20, 6 June 2020 (UTC)
Courtesy ping to DAlangi (WMF). —MarcoAurelio (talk) 17:32, 6 June 2020 (UTC)
(For the record, I contacted the WADP team by email even before writing here — NickK (talk) 17:37, 6 June 2020 (UTC))
All trackers disabled! ✅ --DAlangi (WMF) (talk) 18:31, 6 June 2020 (UTC)
@NickK: I believe that this has now been resolved? Please advise. --TheSandDoctor Talk 22:51, 6 June 2020 (UTC)
@TheSandDoctor and DAlangi (WMF): No, it was not. One of the two trackers is still in MediaWiki:Gadget-arpQueryForm.jsNickK (talk) 00:12, 7 June 2020 (UTC)
I am wondering if the OC should be notified. This has apparently been in development since late March and represents a gross lack of understanding of the Privacy Policy. If volunteers are held accountable for violating the Privacy Policy, WMF staff should be as well. --Rschen7754 00:25, 7 June 2020 (UTC)