Stratejiya 2016/Gihiştin

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Yek ji babetên berfireh yê sala nêzik dibe ya plana salane yê Weqfa Wîkîmediayê "gihiştin" e: qabiliyeta me ya belavkirina mirovan ya bi hejmara herî mezin ku mimkun be. Em bawer dikin ku ev warê herî mezin ê ku Weqfa Wîkîmediayê tesîr lê bikaribe bike ye.

Gava ku te ji bersivdana pirsan re hazir bî ji bişkoja li xwarê bitikîne.

Pirsekî krîtîk yê der barê gihiştinê de

While Wikimedia content has been increasingly reused by others, traffic to Wikimedia projects has been decreasing since 2013. This is a severe challenge, because fewer people will explore related content, have the chance to become contributors, or donate. Declining reach is a significant risk to the movement’s relevance, sustainability and the way we operate, and thus to our shared vision of reaching every human being.

What do you think is the best way to encourage traffic to come to our projects while also supporting free, external content reuse?

Potential strategic approaches to improve reach

Below are several approaches the Wikimedia Foundation might take towards reach. Please read through these six options and let us know by approach "number" up to two or three of the six approaches you would most support. We also invite you to share your idea.

Nerîna Yekem

  • Increase frequency of use and number of users by adapting user experience to their needs (this may result in additional content formats, making more of Wikimedia content easier to find, increasing language coverage, etc.).

Nerîna Duyem

  • Improve our understanding of how and why our users come to and stay on our projects so we can better serve their needs.

Nerîna Sêyem

  • Understand how Wikimedia content is reused on external platforms and explore how to encourage users of such content to go to Wikimedia projects.

Nerîna Çarem

  • Increase awareness and use of Wikimedia projects in two Global South countries.

Nerîna Pêncem

  • Enable others to reuse our content and build their own products by improving and documenting our APIs (application programming interfaces).

Nerîna Şeşem

  • Improve Wikipedia mobile apps to increase use.

Nerînekî pêşniyar bike

  • Do you have another idea we should prioritize to help us improve reach? Let us know!

align=right Thank you for contributing your thoughts to this consultation!