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WALRUS/April 2020

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WALRUS is a monthly online meeting for Wikimedia community organizers in the United States to discuss and collaborate on events and outreach of national interest.

Join the pan-USA Wikimedia local activists' chat on Monday April 27 2020 at 6:00 PM Pacific / 9:00 PM Eastern.

Zoom videoconference information[edit]

Chair & secretary for this month[edit]


  • Introductions
  1. review agenda - what do people want to discuss?
  2. seriously - speak up, let's throw out this entire agenda
    An announcement: Open Publishing Festival May 18-29, call for sessions. Adam Hyde, the main organizer, will hopefully join this call briefly.
  3. WikiConference North America online
    1. let's do this
    2. logistics / labor considerations
  4. Wikipedia Weekly
    1. Who wants to do live broadcast?
    2. Custom channel on YouTube (https://youtube.com/c/wikipediaweekly)
    3. Open to program ideas - 5 minute training, gadgets/preferences, Wikidata tools, tips/tricks
    4. Open to participants - help us plan shows, document topics for better discoverability
  5. from last time and still hot topics - any call for discussing these more?
    1. Community Resources/COVID-19 Notice and WMF policy
    2. Wikimedia Summit 2020 - update
    3. global event cancellations
    4. WikiProject remote event participation and alternatives
    5. Strategy/Wikimedia movement/2018-20 and beyond - update
    6. Communications/Wikimedia brands/2030 movement brand project and "Wikipedia"/"Wikimedia" - update by Rosiestep
    7. w:Wikipedia:WikiProject COVID-19 w:Category:2020 coronavirus outbreak in the United States
  6. Wikimedia Foundation things
    1. rumor? - cancellation of 2020 board elections
    2. not posted but see Talk:Wikimedia Foundation elections/2020
      1. recap - the Wikimedia community in a general election elects 3 of 10 of the board of trustees
      2. for various reasons, COVID-19, the 3 people (James, Maria, Dariusz) will get another year
      3. okay: delay because of crisis, if necessary. protect: right to vote, community voice
      4. thoughts? verification?
    3. Wikimedia Foundation globally runs US political group ad on Earth Day
      1. general mood - mistakes happen, but why does WMF make advertising decisions without community discussion?
      2. anything to say?


  • Attendees