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Report of activities for 2024 - Fundraising

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First quarter report (Jan-Mar)

Launching WMB's Financial Diversification Plan

A graphic representation of WMB's 2023-2025 Strategic Planning.

In pursuit of developing a culture of organizational sustainability, Wiki Movimento Brasil crafted a Financial Diversification Plan. This document sets forth management instruments and guidelines for fundraising.

The Financial Diversification Plan was listed on WMB's 2024 annual plan of activities, as one of the two strategic implementation plans we expected to deliver. It serves as a set of guiding initiatives that establish and link actions of specific impact and organizational objectives, enhancing decision-making and fostering a culture of transparency and innovation for fundraising. As the plan includes sensitive information, it is not made publicly available.[1]

The elaboration of this plan involved identifying organizational potentialities and expertise that would facilitate diversification goals and, concurrently, enable innovation in fundraising modalities. The overall expectation is that no single donor will correspond to more than 60% of WMB's yearly budget by 2025, and that single-donor dependency will progressively decrease after that milestone. Financial diversification operations have led to establishing a diverse pool of initiatives, and more importantly the hiring of a dedicated staff member for fundraising since February.