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Iván Martínez (ProtoplasmaKid)[edit]

ProtoplasmaKid (talk meta edits global user summary CA  AE)

Candidate details
Ivan Martinez in 2017
Video statement (subtitles available)
  • Personal:
    • Name: Iván Martínez
    • Location: Mexico City, Mexico
    • Languages: es-N, en-3, nah-0
  • Editorial:
    • Wikimedian since: March 2006
    • Active wikis: Spanish Wikipedia, Spanish Wikinews, Wikidata, Commons
statement (Not more than 450 words) I joined Spanish Wikipedia in 2006, Spanish Wikinews three years later, and since then served as an admin, bureaucrat, and ombudsman. I joined the Wikimedia movement in 2010 when I started developing Wikimedia Mexico, which I founded and led as Chair until 2018. Under my leadership, Wikimedia México signed more than 20 agreements, conducted and managed +300 events (including the Guinness Record of Longest Editathon in 2016) and supported the development of new editions of Wikipedia in Languages of Mexico.

I've always been committed to the growth and development of the Wikimedia mission and regional affiliates in Latin America, being an active volunteer of the Iberocoop network. As a volunteer I always enjoy taking on new challenges with my community - we organized Iberoconf 2013 and in 2014 we decided to organize Wikimania 2015, where I was the coordinator as a WMF contractor.

Because of my interest in fostering diversity in the Movement I was part of the Diversity working group of the Wikimedia 2030 Strategy Process and volunteered on the Universal Code of Conduct Drafting Committee.

To date I have written 1000 new articles on Spanish Wikipedia, where I am also an admin, and made +66 000 edits.

Professionally speaking, since 2016 I am a Human Rights Defender at one of the leading organizations in Latin America working at the intersection of technology and Human Rights. As an advocacy officer I’m involved in projects related to Privacy, Freedom of Expression, Misinformation, Access to Internet Net Neutrality, Indigenous Languages and Access to Knowledge. My daily work involves advocacy in government, legislative and corporate environments, Policy Writing with Human Rights perspective and Community Relations. I’m also the founder and manager of the Creative Commons chapter in Mexico since 2018, having been in charge of the revamping of the organization after the CC Strategy implementation.

My goals:

  1. I advocate for diversity in the movement, especially by strengthening the development of underrepresented communities and guaranteeing that Wikimedia movement decision-making processes are built on inclusiveness, representation and diversity. I always worked on Wikimedia mission challenges from a different perspective living in a Global South country where still we have strong gaps.
  2. I’m committed to keep the development of technology, tools and resources to improve the user experience in order to build welcoming environments both for long-term volunteers and newcomers. As a professional in Digital Security and Safety I am committed to ensure the improvement of safety and inclusion in our communities.
  3. I am committed to supporting the implementation of Strategy 2030 aiming to have a more decentralized movement and a balance of power among all our existing bodies as committees, affiliates and WMF.
Top 3 Board priorities Onboarding process of the next CEO.

Support of the implementation of Movement Strategy Wikimedia 2030.

Community leadership development, especially in the Global South. I also want to review mechanisms to ensure that all voices in the movement can be heard.

Top 3 Movement Strategy priorities Increase the Sustainability of Our Movement

Ensure Equity in Decision-making

Provide for Safety and Inclusion

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