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This page is dedicated to the meeting minutes of all historical and the latest meeting of the steering committee members.

Minutes of the latest meeting[edit]

May 15, 2019[edit]

Attending: Merrilee, Frederick, Orly, Simon, Mylee, Rajene, Ayokanmi, Clifford, Aaron Apologies: Houcem, Not attending:


Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Affiliate selected board seats[edit]

  • The Wikimedia Foundation Inc. Board of Trustees election for two seats on the Board requires a vote from the WLUG. It was noted that we have only 15 days to respond. Simon prepared a table for steering committee members to register their rankings on candidates.
  • The steering committee consensus is to post a vote on behalf of members. All steering committee members to provide input on nominees and Merrilee to post the group vote.

Responsibility: Merrilee

WLUG - Group coordination and focus activities

Communication: It was agreed to set up a Telegram group for communication between meetings, noting that it easy to copy and paste and from desktop into Wiki rather than a phone based tool. . Merrilee will set up a Telegram group.

Responsibility: Merrilee

1lib1ref in the southern hemisphere May 15th to June 5th

  • Social media team can share more links and information using the #1lib1ref or #1bib1ref hashtags.
  • Merrilee and Mylee to do a hangout on the topic

Responsibility: Merrilee and Mylee

Grants: Encourage colleagues from less advantaged countries to apply for WMF travel grants to attend conferences. Aaron to put Clifford in touch with Felix for more information.

Responsibility: Clifford

Expanding User Group: Orly and Clifford to work on the goal of expanding the membership of the Wikimedia and Libraries User Group in order to (a) connect librarians and (b) to foster a lively community.

Responsibility: Clifford and Orly

WLUG at conferences

  • IFLA World Library and Information Congress in Greece, 24-30 August 2019
    • Orly to contact the National Library of Israel staff attending
    • Merrilee to contact the OCLC staff attending

Responsibility: Orly and Merrilee

  • DH2019 in Utrecht
  • Clifford is attending and Simon may attend. An opportunity to share information about the Wikidata work Simon has been involved with.

Responsibility: Clifford and Simon

WLUG - meta pages

Responsibility: Rajene

Tunisian approach to supporting user group-led project

Responsibility: Merrilee and Houcem

Next meeting 19 June 2019

Archives of our past meeting minutes[edit]

How do we do it?[edit]

Currently, the user group is coordinated and organised by an 8 membered steering committee and assisted by 3 members from the Wikipedia Library team. The group meets every month to discuss the ongoings and next steps of the user group.

Steering committee members[edit]

  1. User:Gamaliel
  2. User:Merrilee*
  3. User:Bachounda
  4. User:RachelWex
  5. User:African Hope
  6. User:Kerry Raymond
  7. User:Sodapopinski7*
  8. User:Aliaretiree

Special advisors (on account of being founding members)[edit]

  1. User:Mardetanha
  2. User:Nonoranonqui
  3. User:Esh77
  4. User:Megs

Facilitators (TWL team members)[edit]

  1. User:Ocaasi (WMF)
  2. User:AVasanth (WMF)
  3. User:FNartey (WMF)

*primary contacts