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This page is dedicated to the meeting minutes of all historical and the latest meeting of the steering committee members.

Minutes of the latest meeting[edit]

June 28-29, 2018[edit]


  1. Meeting Frequency
    • Doodle poll responsibilities
    • Facilitator rotation
    • Meetings per month: just one (4 in support)
      • More sustainable
      • Easier to schedule
      • Important to work asynchronously
      • May bring back less active members
      • Challenge to make people proactive
  2. Discussion: do we need roles (chair, vice-chair, etc.)
    • We need task owners based on means/ends
    • Need clear to-do's from meetings
    • Hard to have a single leader for workload reasons
    • Inaction possibly a result of not having poll results yet
  3. Means and Ends Poll update
    • Books & Bytes
    • Analyze poll results
  4. Wikimania
    • Librarians 101 preconference
    • Book Swapping
      • Need to announce soon and broadly
      • W + L Community Booth requested
      • Could make basic stickers for preconference and Wikimania
        • Need URL (but is fine), can get domain name later with logo and tagline
        • Better to just have a handout
    • User Group Meetup Lunch
    • Session guidance
    • Who is attending?
      • Need a report back from WM attendees
      • Share videos of library-related talks
  5. 1lib1ref timing

Archives of our past meeting minutes[edit]

How do we do it?[edit]

Currently, the user group is coordinated and organised by an 8 membered steering committee and assisted by 3 members from the Wikipedia Library team. The group meets every month to discuss the ongoings and next steps of the user group.

Steering committee members[edit]

  1. User:Gamaliel
  2. User:Merrilee*
  3. User:Bachounda
  4. User:RachelWex
  5. User:African Hope
  6. User:Kerry Raymond
  7. User:Sodapopinski7*
  8. User:Aliaretiree

Special advisors (on account of being founding members)[edit]

  1. User:Mardetanha
  2. User:Nonoranonqui
  3. User:Esh77
  4. User:Megs

Facilitators (TWL team members)[edit]

  1. User:Ocaasi (WMF)
  2. User:AVasanth (WMF)
  3. User:FNartey (WMF)

*primary contacts