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The votes for the 2016 Affiliate-selected Board seats election have been cast from 24 March to 7 May 2016.

The successful candidates were Christophe Henner and Nataliia Tymkiv. A total of 40 affiliates (including 39 chapters and the sole Thematic Organisation) voted.

The number of first preferences received by each candidate was as follows:

Name Received
Christophe Henner 9.00
Siska Doviana 6.75
Jan Ainali 5.50
Osmar Valdebenito 5.50
Nataliia Tymkiv 4.75
Susanna Mkrtchyan 3.25
Lodewijk Gelauff 2.50
Maarten Deneckere 1.50
Kunal Mehta 1.25
Leigh Thelmadatter 0.00

The election was conducted under the Single Transferable Vote, which meant that votes were redistributed between candidates to come up with the final result. In the 9th round of voting the final place, after Christophe was elected, was between Nataliia (16.09) and Siska (9.91).

Voting affiliates[edit]

42 affiliates (41 chapters and one thematic organization) were eligible to vote. 40 votes have been cast.

Organization Voted?
Amical Wikimedia Yes
Icons-flag-ar.png Wikimedia Argentina Yes
Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia Yes
Icons-flag-au.png Wikimedia Australia Yes
Icons-flag-bd.png Wikimedia Bangladesh Yes
Icons-flag-be.png Wikimedia Belgium Yes
Icons-flag-ca.png Wikimedia Canada Yes
Icons-flag-cz.png Wikimedia Česká republika Yes
Icons-flag-ch.png Wikimedia CH Yes
Icons-flag-cl.png Wikimedia Chile Yes
Icons-flag-dk.png Wikimedia Danmark Yes
Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Deutschland Yes
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia District of Columbia Yes
Icons-flag-ee.png Wikimedia Eesti Yes
Icons-flag-es.png Wikimedia España Yes
Icons-flag-fr.png Wikimédia France Yes
Icons-flag-hk.png Wikimedia Hong Kong Yes
Icons-flag-in.png Wikimedia India Yes
Icons-flag-id.png Wikimedia Indonesia Yes
Icons-flag-il.png Wikimedia Israel Yes
Icons-flag-it.png Wikimedia Italia Yes
Icons-flag-mo.png Wikimedia Macau No
Icons-flag-mk.png Wikimedia Macedonia No
Icons-flag-hu.png Wikimédia Magyarország Yes
Icons-flag-mx.png Wikimedia México Yes
Icons-flag-nl.png Wikimedia Nederland Yes
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia New York City Yes
Icons-flag-no.png Wikimedia Norge Yes
Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Österreich Yes
Icons-flag-ph.png Wikimedia Philippines Yes
Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Yes
Icons-flag-pt.png Wikimedia Portugal Yes
Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia Yes
Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia Yes
Icons-flag-za.png Wikimedia South Africa Yes
Icons-flag-fi.png Wikimedia Suomi Yes
Icons-flag-se.png Wikimedia Sverige Yes
Icons-flag-tw.png Wikimedia Taiwan Yes
Icons-flag-uk.png Wikimedia UK Yes
Icons-flag-ua.png Wikimedia Ukraine Yes
Icons-flag-uy.png Wikimedia Uruguay Yes
Icons-flag-ve.png Wikimedia Venezuela Yes