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This is a list of established Wikimedia chapter(s) per language that has a presence on Wikimedia projects. Between (parentheses) are chapters that are not yet fully established. Any fully established chapter should have at least one language on this list.

This is just informative and may contain errors. Ordering of multiple chapters per language is often random.

Any relevant chapter can be included here. It is not needed to remove chapters for e.g. political reasons.

Check regularly for new language editions on incubator:I:Site creation log, and for new chapters.

Code Language Main Wikimedia chapter(s) Other relevant chapter(s)
aa Afar none (Wikimedia Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti)
ab Abkhazian Wikimedia Russia
ace Achinese Wikimedia Indonesia
ady Adyghe Wikimedia Russia, Wikimedia Israel
af Afrikaans Wikimedia South Africa
ak Akan none (Wikimedia Ghana) (relation to Twi [tw]?)
als Alemannic Wikimedia CH Wikimedia Germany, Wikimedia France
am Amharic none (Wikimedia Ethiopia)
an Aragonese Wikimedia Spain
ang Old English [historical language]
ar Arabic none Wikimedia Israel, (Wikimedia Egypt)
arc Aramaic none Wikimedia Israel
arz Egyptian Arabic none (Wikimedia Egypt)
as Assamese Wikimedia India
ast Asturian Wikimedia Spain
av Avaric Wikimedia Russia
ay Aymara none (Wikimedia Bolivia) Wikimedia Chile
az Azerbaijani none (Wikimedia Azerbaijan, Iran)
ba Bashkir Wikimedia Russia
bar Bavarian Wikimedia Austria Wikimedia Germany
bat-smg Samogitian none (Wikimedia Lithuania)
bcl Central Bikol none
be Belarusian none (Wikimedia Belarus)
be-tarask Belarusian (Taraškievica orthography) none [Wikimedia Belarus]
bg Bulgarian none (Wikimedia Bulgary)
bh Bhojpuri Wikimedia India
bi Bislama none (Wikimedia Vanuatu)
bjn Banjar Wikimedia Indonesia
bm Bambara none
bn Bangla Wikimedia India, Wikimedia Bangladesh
bo Tibetan Wikimedia India, (Wikimedia China)
bpy Bishnupriya Wikimedia India, Wikimedia Bangladesh
br Breton Wikimedia France
bs Bosnian none (Wikimedia Bosnia) Wikimedia Serbia
bug Buginese Wikimedia Indonesia
bxr Russia Buriat Wikimedia Russia, (Wikimedia Mongolia)
ca Catalan Wikimedia Spain, Wikimedia France , Wikimedia Italy, Amical Wikimedia (Thematic Organisation)
cbk-zam Chavacano none
cdo Mindong none (Wikimedia China)
ce Chechen Wikimedia Russia
ceb Cebuano none
ch Chamorro none
cho Choctaw none
chr Cherokee none
chy Cheyenne none
ckb Central Kurdish none (Wikimedia Iran, Iraq)
co Corsican Wikimedia France Wikimedia Italy
cr Cree Wikimedia Canada
crh Crimean Tatar Wikimedia Ukraine
cs Czech Wikimedia Czech Republic
csb Kashubian Wikimedia Poland
cu Church Slavic [historical language]
cv Chuvash Wikimedia Russia
cy Welsh Wikimedia UK
cz cz -> cs
da Danish Wikimedia Denmark
de German Wikimedia Germany, Wikimedia Österreich, Wikimedia CH, Wikimedia Belgium
diq Zazaki none (Wikimedia Turkey)
dk dk -> da
dsb Lower Sorbian Wikimedia Germany Wikimedia Poland
dv Divehi none (Wikimedia Maldives) Wikimedia India
dz Dzongkha none (Wikimedia Bhutan) Wikimedia India
ee Ewe none (Wikimedia Ghana, Thogo)
el Greek none (Wikimedia Greece)
eml Emiliano-Romagnolo Wikimedia Italy
en English [US], Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia New York, Wikimedia Canada, Wikimedia Australia --> by number of native speakers above 5 million Wikimedia Belgium
eo Esperanto Esperanto and Free Knowledge (Thematic Organisation)
epo epo -> eo
es Spanish Wikimedia Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Venezuela (user groups or proposals: Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica) Wikimedia NY, DC
et Estonian Wikimedia Estonia
eu Basque Wikimedia Spain, Wikimedia France
ext Extremaduran Wikimedia Spain
fa Persian none (Wikimedia Iran) (Wikimedia Afghanistan)
ff Fula none
fi Finnish Wikimedia Finland
fiu-vro Võro Wikimedia Estonia
fj Fijian none (Wikimedia Fiji)
fo Faroese Wikimedia Denmark, (Wikimedia Faroese Islands) Wikimedia Norway
fr French Wikimedia France, Wikimedia Canada, Wikimedia CH, Wikimedia Belgium
frp Arpitan Wikimedia Italy, Wikimedia CH, Wikimedia France
frr Northern Frisian Wikimedia Germany
fur Friulian Wikimedia Italy
fy Western Frisian Wikimedia Nederland
ga Irish none (Wikimedia Ireland), Wikimedia UK
gag Gagauz none (Wikimedia Moldova)
gan Gan none (Wikimedia China)
gd Scottish Gaelic Wikimedia UK Wikimedia Canada
gl Galician Wikimedia Spain Wikimedia Portugal
glk Gilaki none (Wikimedia Iran)
gn Guarani none (Wikimedia Paraguay) Wikimedia Argentina, (Wikimedia Brasil)
got Gothic [historical language]
gu Gujarati Wikimedia India
gv Manx Wikimedia UK
ha Hausa none
hak Hakka Chinese Wikimedia Taiwan, Wikimedia Hong Kong, (Wikimedia China)
haw Hawaiian none
he Hebrew Wikimedia Israel
hi Hindi Wikimedia India
hif Fiji Hindi none (Wikimedia Fiji) Wikimedia India (linguistically)
ho Hiri Motu none (Wikimedia Papua New Guinea)
hr Croatian none (Wikimedia Croatia)
hsb Upper Sorbian Wikimedia Germany Wikimedia Poland
ht Haitian Creole none (Wikimedia Haiti)
hu Hungarian Wikimedia Hungary
hy Armenian none (Wikimedia Armenia)
hz Herero none (Wikimedia Namibia, Botswana)
ia Interlingua [artificial language]
id Indonesian Wikimedia Indonesia
ie Interlingue [artificial language]
ig Igbo none (Wikimedia Nigeria)
ii Sichuan Yi none (Wikimedia China)
ik Inupiaq Wikimedia Canada
ilo Iloko none
io Ido [artificial language]
is Icelandic none (Wikimedia Iceland)
it Italian Wikimedia Italy
iu Inuktitut Wikimedia Canada
ja Japanese none (Wikimedia Japan)
jbo Lojban [artificial language]
jp jp -> ja
jv Javanese Wikimedia Indonesia
ka Georgian none (Wikimedia Georgia)
kaa Kara-Kalpak none (Wikimedia Uzbekistan)
kab Kabyle none (Wikimedia Algeria)
kbd Kabardian Wikimedia Russia Wikimedia Israel, (Wikimedia Turkey)
kg Kongo none
ki Kikuyu none (Wikimedia Kenya)
kj Kuanyama none (Wikimedia Angola, Namibia)
kk Kazakh none (Wikimedia Kazakhstan)
kl Kalaallisut none (Wikimedia Greenland) Wikimedia Denmark
km Khmer none (Wikimedia Cambodia, Vietnam)
kn Kannada Wikimedia India
ko Korean none (Wikimedia South Korea)
koi Komi-Permyak Wikimedia Russia
kr Kanuri none
krc Karachay-Balkar Wikimedia Russia
ks Kashmiri Wikimedia India
ksh Colognian Wikimedia Germany
ku Kurdish none
kv Komi Wikimedia Russia
kw Cornish Wikimedia UK
ky Kyrgyz none (Wikimedia Kyrgyzstan)
la Latin none
lad Ladino Wikimedia Israel
lb Luxembourgish Wikimedia Belgium, (Wikimedia Luxembourg) Wikimedia Germany, Wikimedia France
lbe Lak Wikimedia Russia
lez Lezghian Wikimedia Russia
lg Ganda none (Wikimedia Uganda)
li Limburgish Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia Germany, Wikimedia Belgium
lij Ligurian Wikimedia Italy Wikimedia France
lmo Lombard Wikimedia Italy Wikimedia CH
ln Lingala none
lo Lao none (Wikimedia Laos)
lt Lithuanian none (Wikimedia Lithuania)
ltg Latgalian none (Wikimedia Latvia)
lv Latvian none (Wikimedia Latvia)
map-bms Basa Banyumasan Wikimedia Indonesia
mdf Moksha Wikimedia Russia
mg Malagasy none
mh Marshallese none
mhr Eastern Mari Wikimedia Russia
mi Māori none (Wikimedia New Zealand)
minnan minnan -> zh-min-nan
mk Macedonian Wikimedia Macedonia
ml Malayalam Wikimedia India
mn Mongolian none
mo Moldovan -> ro
mr Marathi Wikimedia India
mrj Western Mari Wikimedia Russia
ms Malay Wikimedia Indonesia, (Wikimedia Brunei, Wikimedia Malaysia, Wikimedia Singapore)
mt Maltese none
mus Muscogee none
mwl Mirandese Wikimedia Portugal
my Burmese none (Wikimedia Burma)
myv Erzya Wikimedia Russia
mzn Mazanderani none (Wikimedia Iran)
na Nauru none (Wikimedia Nauru)
nah Nāhuatl none (Wikimedia Mexico)
nan Minnan -> zh-min-nan
nap Neapolitan Wikimedia Italy
nb Norwegian Bokmål -> no
nds Low German Wikimedia Germany
nds-nl Low Saxon Wikimedia Nederland
ne Nepali Wikimedia India, (Wikimedia Nepal)
new Newari none (Wikimedia Nepal)
ng Ndonga none (Wikimedia Namibia)
nl Dutch Wikimedia Nederland, Wikimedia Belgium
nn Norwegian Nynorsk Wikimedia Norway
no Norwegian Wikimedia Norway
nov Novial [artificial language]
nrm Norman (language code does not match denotation!) Wikimedia France
nso Northern Sotho Wikimedia South Africa
nv Navajo none
ny Nyanja none
oc Occitan Wikimedia France, Wikimedia Spain
om Oromo none (Wikimedia Kenya, Ethiopia)
or Odia Wikimedia India
os Ossetic Wikimedia Russia
pa Punjabi Wikimedia India
pag Pangasinan none
pam Pampanga none
pap Papiamento Wikimedia Nederland
pcd Picard Wikimedia France
pdc Pennsylvania German none (Wikimedia Pennsylvania)
pfl Palatine German Wikimedia Germany
pi Pali [historical language] Wikimedia India
pih Norfuk / Pitkern none
pl Polish Wikimedia Poland
pms Piedmontese Wikimedia Italy
pnt Pontic none (Wikimedia Turkey)
pnb Western Punjabi none (Wikimedia Pakistan) Wikimedia India
ps Pashto none (Wikimedia Afghanistan, Pakistan)
pt Portuguese Wikimedia Portugal, (Wikimedia Brasil)
qu Quechua Wikimedia Argentina, (Bolivia, Peru) Wikimedia Chile
rm Romansh Wikimedia CH
rmy Vlax Romani Wikimedia Hungary, (Wikimedia Romania)
rn Rundi none
ro Romanian none (Wikimedia Romania)
roa-rup Aromanian Wikimedia Macedonia, (Wikimedia Greece)
roa-tara Tarantino Wikimedia Italy
ru Russian Wikimedia Russia, (Wikimedia Belarus, Wikimedia Kazakhstan, Wikimedia Kyrgyzstan) Wikimedia Ukraine, (Wikimedia Uzbekistan)
rue Rusyn Wikimedia Ukraine, Wikimedia Poland, Wikimedia Serbia, prechapter Wikimedia Slovakia
rw Kinyarwanda none
sa Sanskrit [historical language] Wikimedia India
sah Yakut Wikimedia Russia
sc Sardinian Wikimedia Italy
scn Sicilian Wikimedia Italy
sco Scots Wikimedia UK
sd Sindhi Wikimedia India, (Wikimedia Pakistan)
se Northern Sami Wikimedia Norway, Wikimedia Sweden, Wikimedia Finland
sg Sango none
sh Serbo-Croatian Wikimedia Serbia (Wikimedia Croatia, ...)
si Sinhala none (Wikimedia Sri Lanka)
simple Simple English [US], Wikimedia India, (Wikimedia Nigeria), Wikimedia UK, Wikimedia Germany, Wikimedia Canada, Wikimedia France --> by number of total speakers above 20 million
sk Slovak prechapter Wikimedia Slovakia Wikimedia Czech Republic
sl Slovenian none (Wikimedia Slovenia) Wikimedia Italy, Wikimedia Austria
sm Samoan none (Wikimedia Samoa)
sn Shona none (Wikimedia Zimbabwe)
so Somali none (Wikimedia Somalia, Ethiopia)
sq Albanian none (Wikimedia Albania) Wikimedia Serbia, Macedonia)
sr Serbian Wikimedia Serbia
srn Sranan Tongo none (Wikimedia Suriname) Wikimedia Nederland
ss Swati Wikimedia South Africa
st Southern Sotho Wikimedia South Africa
stq Saterland Frisian Wikimedia Germany
su Sundanese Wikimedia Indonesia
sv Swedish Wikimedia Sweden Wikimedia Finland
sw Swahili none (Wikimedia Kenya, Tanzania)
szl Silesian Wikimedia Poland Wikimedia Czech Republic
ta Tamil Wikimedia India, (Wikimedia Singapore, Wikimedia Sri Lanka)
te Telugu Wikimedia India
tet Tetum Wikimedia Indonesia
tg Tajik none (Wikimedia Tajikistan)
th Thai none (Wikimedia Thailand)
ti Tigrinya none (Wikimedia Eritrea, Ethiopia)
tk Turkmen none (Wikimedia Turkmenistan, Iran)
tl Tagalog none
tn Tswana Wikimedia South Africa, (Wikimedia Botswana)
to Tongan none (Wikimedia Tonga)
tpi Tok Pisin none (Wikimedia Papua New Guinea)
tr Turkish none (Wikimedia Turkey)
ts Tsonga Wikimedia South Africa, (Wikimedia Mozambique)
tt Tatar Wikimedia Russia
tum Tumbuka none (Wikimedia Malawi, Zambia)
tw Twi none (Wikimedia Ghana) (relation to Akan [ak]?)
ty Tahitian Wikimedia France
tyv Tuvinian Wikimedia Russia
udm Udmurt Wikimedia Russia
ug Uyghur none (Wikimedia China)
uk Ukrainian Wikimedia Ukraine
ur Urdu Wikimedia India, (Wikimedia Pakistan)
uz Uzbek none (Wikimedia Uzbekistan)
ve Venda Wikimedia South Africa
vec Venetian Wikimedia Italy
vep Veps Wikimedia Russia Wikimedia Finland
vi Vietnamese none (Wikimedia Vietnam)
vls West Flemish Wikimedia Belgium Wikimedia Nederland
vo Volapük none
wa Walloon Wikimedia Belgium
war Waray none
wo Wolof none (Wikimedia Senegal, The Gambia)
wuu Wu none (Wikimedia China)
xal Kalmyk Wikimedia Russia
xh Xhosa Wikimedia South Africa
xmf Mingrelian none (Wikimedia Georgia)
yi Yiddish Wikimedia Israel
yo Yoruba none (Wikimedia Nigeria)
za Zhuang none (Wikimedia China)
zea Zeelandic Wikimedia Nederland Wikimedia Belgium
zh Chinese Wikimedia Taiwan, (Wikimedia China) Wikimedia Hong Kong, (Wikimedia Singapore)
zh-cfr zh-cfr -> zh-min-nan
zh-classical Literary Chinese none (Wikimedia China)
zh-min-nan Minnan Wikimedia Taiwan, (Wikimedia China)
zh-yue Cantonese Wikimedia Hong Kong, Wikimedia Macau, (Wikimedia China)
zu Zulu Wikimedia South Africa

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