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Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Bots and gadgets/Gadgets improvements

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Gadgets improvements

  • Problem: Gadgets are hard to develop and maintain, even more so for smaller communities and non-English wikis
  • Who would benefit: Anyone who uses or develops gadgets
  • Proposed solution: See below
  • More comments:
  • Phabricator tickets: a bunch
  • Proposer: DannyS712 (talk) 06:39, 23 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Work on Gadgets 2.0 is stalled, and the Gadget and Gadget definition namespaces are registered and reserved, but not used for anything. The following parts of the old roadmap (mw:Extension:Gadgets/Roadmap#Gadgets 2.0) and tracking task (phab:T31272) should be prioritized

  • "No more manual editing of gadgets definition, everything should have its GUI to change the underlying JSON definition" - add an interface to manage the gadget definitions (rights required, scripts and styles to load, messages, default enabled, whether the gadget is hidden, etc.)
  • Gadget code and definitions should move out of the mediawiki namespace to the dedicated gadget and gadget definitions namespace (see the example use of the gadget definitions namespace at mw:Extension:Gadgets#Using Gadget Definition Namespace, though as noted above it shouldn't need to be edited manually as json, but rather via a GUI)
  • "Structured localization framework for gadgets" - phab:T238386


Is this complete and deploy Gadgets 2.0? "Gadgets improvements" suggests broader topic but the proposal seems limited to the extension. – Ammarpad (talk) 04:36, 24 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]

Essentially, yes, but since its not very clear how "Gadgets 2.0" is currently scoped/defined, I listed the key issues that I thought should be addressed DannyS712 (talk) 04:58, 24 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Much wanted. It had promising development in the past but then it silenced.
For localization improvements, Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Bots and gadgets/Easy and effective way to translate gadgets and userscripts was also proposed. --Matěj Suchánek (talk) 08:32, 24 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]
Gadgets 2.0 includes a real localization and translation system. Kaldari (talk) 18:38, 8 December 2020 (UTC)[reply]
The Gadgets 2.0 code is pretty much complete. The main part that needed to be finished was the code for migrating old gadgets to Gadgets 2.0, and also just more testing and polish to make sure such a big feature change goes smoothly. Since Gadgets 2.0 never had a Product Manager or QA Engineer those last steps never happened. I bet CommTech could get it finished though! Kaldari (talk) 18:38, 8 December 2020 (UTC)[reply]