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Friendly space expectations

    We are dedicated to providing a respectful, transparent, and harassment-free experience in the Meta-wiki Grants namespace for everyone. Wikimedia Foundation grantmaking follows specific processes with specific goals. These expectations are needed to ensure a pleasant environment for focused discussions where contributors engage respectfully.

    Civility and assuming good faith are core principles of the Wikimedia movement. We realize most people want to help the projects and fellow community members, not hurt them. Remember that most of us are volunteers and need to be appreciated for the time and effort we put into improving the Wikimedia projects.


    We expect you to consider the following when engaging in discussion:

    1. Context and background: Do I have a basic understanding of the context and background of the discussion? Have I made sure to educate myself before asking others to explain things to me?
    2. Cultural differences: Am I being sensitive to cultural differences and language barriers?
    3. Experience: Am I considering and not making assumptions about a person’s level of experience (with the Wikimedia movement, grantmaking, project management, etc.)?
    4. Support: Am I framing my comments/questions in a supportive, concise and constructive way, offering suggestions for improvement?
    5. Impact focus: Are my questions focused on the impact of the project proposal or am I overly focused on minor details?

    Once you have considered these points, please feel free to participate in grants discussions. If you would prefer, contact a member of the Community Resources or Learning and Evaluation teams who can help communicate your concerns.


    We do not tolerate harassment of contributors in any form. Harassment includes:

    • offensive comments related to gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity, political affiliation, nationality, or religion
    • violence, threats of violence, deliberate intimidation and personal attacks
    • stalking, following, or continued one-on-one communications after being asked to cease
    • sustained disruption of discussion
    • deliberate “outing” and/or doxing of any person’s identity without their consent
    • publication of non-harassing private communication

    If you have concerns about the way you or others are being treated, please contact a member of the Wikimedia Foundation Community Resources team immediately at communityresources(_AT_)wikimedia.org.


    Comments that violate these expectations will be hidden or removed. Violaters will be asked to stop any harassing behavior and are expected to comply immediately. Contributors to the Grants namespace violating these expectations will be warned by participants, and the issue may be escalated to appropriate community channels. Here are some handy templates and advice for addressing problem comments and commenters: Guidelines and templates.

    We expect everyone contributing to the Grants namespace, including Wikimedia Foundation staff, grant committee members, prospective grantees, and community members, to follow these expectations at all times. We value your contributions and your commitment to making the grants space a friendly space for everyone.

    "Froen? Kontakt friendlyspace(at)wikimedia.org."