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Meta- Wikka

Welkam t' Meta-Wikka, t' komunitii paij a' t' werld f' t' Wikkamiidya Foundayshun's projekts an dem riilated projekt, f' koordinayshun an dokumentayshun t' planin an analisis.

Otha meta fokus'd wikkas lik Wikkamiidya Owtriich ar specialis'd projekts tat hauf deir ruuts i' Meta-Wikka. Dem riilated diskushuns also okur a' Wikkamiidya mailin lists (partickularii wikkamiidya-l), wit ets lo-trafik iikwiwalent WikkamiidyaAnnouns, IRC channels a' friinod, endiwidual wikkas a' Wikkamiidya kooperaytas, an otha sides.

Dem Kurent Iwent

Febyuweri 2024

February 28: Wikimedia Foundation Affiliates Strategy: Live call #2 at
February 14: Wikimedia Foundation Affiliates Strategy: Live call #1 at
February 7–March 20: Wikimedia Foundation Affiliates Strategy: Review period for the proposed requirements for affiliates and trial period for user groups
February 6–February 27: 2024 Steward elections voting is running until 27 February 2024, 14:00 (UTC)

Jaenyuweri 2024

January 31: Wikimedia Foundation publishes progress on Annual Plan goals
January 19⁠ – February 2: Voting period to ratify the charter of the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (information for voters)
January 15 – January 30: Candidate submissions for the Wikimedia Steward elections are open! If you are eligible, you can submit a nomination.
January 4: Community Letter to the LAC region

Komunitii an kommunikayshun
Wikkamiidya Foundayshun, Meta-Wikka, an ets sista projekts
The Wikimedia Foundation is the overarching non-profit foundation that owns the Wikimedia servers along with the domain names, logos and trademarks of all Wikimedia projects and MediaWiki. Meta-Wiki is the coordination wiki for the various Wikimedia wikis.