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Bienbenido(a) al Meta-Wiki, l sítio dedicado a la cordenaçon global de ls porjetos Wikimedia i de l mobimiento Wikimedia an giral, que angloba zde la cordenaçon i decumentaçon até l planeamiento i análeze destes porjetos.

Outras wikis de cordenaçon, cumo l Wikimedia Outreach, son porjetos Wikimedia specializados que ténen las sues raízes ne l Meta-Wiki. Cumbersas relacionadas tamien ocorren nas lhistas de cumbersa de la Wikimedia (particularmente wikimedia-l, que cunta cula sue eiquibalente de baixo tráfego WikimediaAnnounce), canhales de IRC ne l Libera, nas wikis andebiduales de ls capítulos lhocales i outros lhugares.

Redadeiras amboras

Maio 2024

May 30: Community Affairs Committee: Live call #2 on the Procedure for Sibling Project Lifecycle at 16:00 UTC
May 23: Community Affairs Committee: Live call #1 on the Procedure for Sibling Project Lifecycle at 02:00 UTC
May 13–June 23: Community Affairs Committee: Call for feedback on the proposed Procedure for Sibling Project Lifecycle
May 10–May 12: ESEAP Conference in Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia
May 8–May 29: 2024 Board election: Call for candidates
May 8–June 12: 2024 Board election: Call for questions for candidates
May 8–June 3: Call for new members of the Conference Fund Committee
May 3–May 5: Wikimedia Hackathon 2024 in Tallinn, Estonia
May 2–May 5: WikiNusantara in Bogor, Indonesia
May 2–May 4: Global Wiki Advocacy Meet-up in Santiago, Chile
April 25–May 9: UCoC Coordinating Committee election: Voting period (information for voters / list of all candidates)

Abril 2024

April 30: Community Resilience and Sustainability conversation hour with Maggie Dennis at 18:00 UTC
April 19–April 21: Wikimedia Summit 2024 in Berlin, Germany
April 2–April 30: Movement Charter: Wikimedia communities review of the Movement Charter full draft (talk page discussions / regional conversations)

Quemunidade i quemunicaçon
Fundaçon Wikimedia, Meta-Wiki i porjetos armanos
La Fundaçon Wikimedia ye ua ourganizaçon sin fines lhucratibos que oupera ls serbidores de la Wikimedia i tamien ls nomes de domínio, logótipos i marcas registradas pa todos ls porjetos Wikimedia i MediaWiki. Meta-Wiki ye ua wiki de cordenaçon pa ls bários porjetos wiki.