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Selamat datang ke Meta-Wiki, laman masyarakat global untuk projek-projek Yayasan Wikimedia dan projek yang berkaitan daripada penyelarasan sehinggalah pendokumenan perancangan dan analisis terhadap aktiviti Wikimedia pada masa akan datang.

Wiki seperti Wikimedia Outreach dan Wikimedia Strategy merupakan projek khas bagi Meta-Wiki. Perbincangan berkaitan juga boleh didapati di senarai mel Wikimedia (terutamanya wikimedia-l dan bersama dengannya WikimediaAnnounce), saluran IRC di freenode, cawangan Wikimedia tempatan dan tempat yang lain.

Pemberitahuan Permintaan

Januari 2018

Wikimedia-logo.svg Jan 15: The Community Capacity Map experiment is announced. Details in the about page.
Crystal multimedia.png Jan 15 — Jan 28: Candidate submissions for the 2018 Steward elections began on January 15 and will end on January 28. Eligible candidates can nominate themselves.
Wikimedia-logo.svg Jan 04: RfC: Global ban for Avoided

Disember 2017

Bulbgraph.svg Dec 14: You can now see 2017 Community Wishlist Survey results.
Crystal filetypes.png Dec 7–2018: You are invited to join a discussion on improving MediaWiki's blocking tools.

November 2017

Bulbgraph.svg Nov 27–Dec 11: You can vote for new tools and technical improvements in the 2017 Community Wishlist Survey.
Bulbgraph.svg 6–20: You can propose new tools and technical improvements in the 2017 Community Wishlist Survey.
Commons-logo.svg 1–30: First edition of the Wiki Science Competition.
Wikipedia-W-bold-in-square.svg 1: Third edition of the Wikipedia Asian Month.

Oktober 2017

Wikimedia-logo.svg 27: The Wikimedia Foundation announced the appointment of Toby Negrin as Chief Product Officer (CPO).
Wikimedia-logo.svg 26: You are invited to declare your endorsement and voice your opinion on the finalized strategic direction.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 16: The Wikimedia Foundation announced the appointment of Raju Narisetti to its Board of Trustees for a term of three years effective October 2017.
Wikimedia-logo.svg 13: The Funds Dissemination Committee invites you to review any or all submitted proposals for Annual Plan Grants during this community review period (1–30 October 2017).
Commons-logo.svg 11: Wikimedia Commons will be in read only mode for approximately 30 minutes on Wednesday, 11 October, starting at 6:00 UTC.

September 2017

Wikimedia-logo.svg 29: The Fundraising Team published the 2016−2017 Fundraising Report.

Ogos 2017

Wikimedia-logo.svg 8–24: Share your feedback on the draft strategic direction, a basis on which strategic plans will be built.

Julai 2017

Crystal filetypes.png 1–31: Join the Cycle 3 of the Wikimedia Movement Strategy discussions, and debate about the challenges identified by the research.
Masyarakat dan perhubungan Kerjasama dan isu utama
 » Babel, tempat perbincangan bagi hal berkaitan Meta.
 » Senarai mel dan IRC.
 » Perjumpaan.
 » Kedutaan Wikimedia, senarai kenalan tempatan mengikut bahasa.
 » Forum Wikimedia, forum pelbagai bahasa untuk projek Wikimedia.
 » Peserta projek.
 » Wikimedia Resource Center, a hub for WMF resources
Yayasan Wikimedia, Meta-Wiki dan projek saudaranya
Yayasan Wikimedia merupakan pertubuhan bukan untung yang memiliki pelayan Wikimedia bersama-sama dengan nama domain, logo dan cap dagang dalam kesemua projek Wikimedia dan MediaWiki. Meta-Wiki adalah penyelarasan untuk pelbagai wiki di Wikimedia.