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مقامی ابواب[edit]

World map showing countries that have local chapters in blue.

وکی میڈیا کے منصوبے گنجائش کے لحاظ سے بین الاقوامی ہیں اور وکی میڈیا کی تحریک پوری دنیا پر ایک گہرا اثر ڈال رہی ہے۔ اس جدوجہد کو ایک تحریک کی شکل میں جاری رکھنے کے لئے، وکی میڈیا ایک مشترکہ تحریکوں کا بین الاقوامی جالہ کار بنا رہی ہے، جن کی مختلف ممالک میں موجودہ تعداد 38 ہے۔

مقامی ابواب یا تحاریک خودمختار حیثیت کی حامل ہوتی ہیں، جن کا مقصد خطے کی جغرافیائی خصوصیات کے مطابق وکی میڈیا کے اہداف کا حصول ہوتا ہے۔ یہ وکی میڈیا فاؤنڈیشن، وکی میڈیا کی آبادکاری اور وکی میڈیا کے منصوبے کی مختلف طریقوں سے مددگار ہوتی ہیں۔ عطیات کی وصولی، مقامی سطح پر مختلف قسم کے پروگرامز اور منصوبوں کے ذریعے وکی میڈیا کے لفظ اور مفت ثقافت دنیا میں پھیلا رہی ہیں۔ اس کے علاوہ یہ رضاکاروں کی ایک فوج بھی مہیا کرتی ہیں اور مشترکہ حصہ داروں اور معاونین کی مدد سے علاقائی ضروریات کو پورا کرتی ہیں۔

If you have questions about local chapters or want to start one in your country, please don't hesitate to contact the Chapters committee.

Please note that the local chapters are independent associations with no legal control of or responsibility for the websites of the Wikimedia Foundation and vice versa.

Chapters participating in the 2008/2009 Annual Campaign[edit]

The following chapters have agreed to participate in the 2008/2009 Annual Campaign. This means that the chapters will invest 50% of the revenue raised during the course of the fundraiser in activities agreed upon with the Wikimedia Foundation, and 50% in local program activities. So, for example, if a chapter raises USD 50,000, it could spend USD 25,000 on servers for our European data-center, and USD 25,000 on local activities such as outreach events, contests, content partnerships, etc.

Chapters participating in the campaign have also agreed to submit weekly activity reports to the Wikimedia Foundation, and to follow generally established accounting practices.

Argentina: Wikimedia Argentina[edit]

Wikimedia Argentina, founded on 1 September 2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is the Argentinian Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation and a non-profit association run upon the Civil Code of Argentina. Official website:

Australia: Wikimedia Australia[edit]

Wikimedia Australia is a non-profit incorporated body incorporated in the state of Victoria in August 2008. It was approved by the Wikimedia Foundation on 1st March 2008. Official website:

Austria: Wikimedia Österreich[edit]

Wikimedia Österreich was founded in February 2008. Official website:

Brazil: Wikimedia Brasil[edit]

Instituto Wikimedia Brasil is a non-profit association approved by the Wikimedia Foundation to act as the Brazilian Chapter. Official website: or page on Meta-Wiki

Czech Republic: Wikimedia Česká republika[edit]

Wikimedia Česká republika was founded in March 2008. Official website:

France: Wikimédia France[edit]

Wikimédia France, founded on 23 October 2004, in Paris, is a non-profit association run upon the French law of July 1901. Official website:

Germany: Wikimedia Deutschland[edit]

Wikimedia Deutschland – Gesellschaft zur Förderung Freien Wissens e.V. (Wikimedia Germany - society for the promotion of free knowledge) was founded on 13 June 2004 in Berlin as Wikimedia's first local chapter. At the end of 2006 the membership association counted more than 300 members. Among other activities Wikimedia Deutschland initiated several important partnerships, for example with Directmedia Publishing, the publisher of the German Wikipedia-DVD, and the Deutsche Bibliothek (German national library). Donations to Wikimedia Deutschland are tax-deductible in Germany. More information on the official website:

Hong Kong: 香港維基媒體協會[edit]

Wikimedia Hong Kong Limited (Chinese: 香港維基媒體協會有限公司) is the local chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. It was founded on 14 July 2007 in Hong Kong, and was officially registered on 18 September 2007. It was recognized by the Foundation on 1 March 2008. More information on the official website in English and Traditional Chinese:

Hungary: Wikimédia Magyarország[edit]

Wikimédia Magyarország Egyesület was founded in September 2008, and it was officially registered and recognized by the Foundation in November 2008 with the aim of pursuing the mission of the Wikimedia Foundation as an association of public benefit. Official website:

Indonesia: Wikimedia Indonesia[edit]

Wikimedia Indonesia is a non-profit association incorporated on 5 September 2008 in Jakarta, Indonesia, and approved as Wikimedia chapter on 7 October 2008. Official website:

Israel: Wikimedia Israel[edit]

Wikimedia Israel (Hebrew: ויקימדיה-ישראל, Arabic: ويكيمديا إسرائيل) is the Israeli chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was officially registered on 26 June 2007, after an organizing process that began on 15 December 2006, when the idea was brought before the local Wikimedian community in one of its conferences. Official website in Hebrew, Arabic and English:

Italy: Wikimedia Italia[edit]

Wikimedia Italia - Associazione per la diffusione della conoscenza libera is the Italian Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation, formed on 17 June 2005, in Canino. Official website:

Netherlands: Wikimedia Nederland[edit]

Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland is the Dutch chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was founded on 27 March 2006 in Eindhoven. Official website:

Poland: Wikimedia Polska[edit]

Stowarzyszenie Wikimedia Polska (Wikimedia Polska Association) is the Polish Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was formed on 14 August 2005, and registered three months later, on 18 November. Official website:

Russia: Викимедиа Россия[edit]

Викимедиа РУ (Wikimedia RU) was approved in May 2008. Official website:

Serbia: Wikimedia Србије[edit]

Wikimedia Србије is the Serbian Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was formed on 3 December 2005, and it was registered almost two months later. Official website:

Sweden: Wikimedia Sverige[edit]

Wikimedia Sverige is the Swedish chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was formed on 20 October 2007, and approved on 11 December 2007. Official website:

Switzerland: Wikimedia CH[edit]

Wikimedia CH - Verein zur Förderung Freien Wissens is the Swiss Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was established in Olten on 14 May 2006. Official website:

Taiwan: 中華民國維基媒體協會[edit]

Wikimedia Taiwan (Chinese: 中華民國維基媒體協會) is the Taiwan Chapter of Wikimedia Foundation. It was officially registered on Feburary 11, 2007 in Taipei, Taiwan, after an organization process that began in Feburary 19, 2006. It was approved by the Wikimedia Foundation as a Wikimedia Chapter on July 4, 2007. The official website is and will be available in both Chinese and English.

United Kingdom: Wikimedia UK[edit]

Wiki Educational Resources Ltd, t/a Wikimedia UK is the United Kingdom Chapter of the Wikimedia Foundation. It was incorporated 14 February 2006 following meetings starting in October 2005. It was formally recognised by the Foundation on 1 May 2007. Official website:

Other chapters[edit]

Please see the list of chapters for a complete directory of Wikimedia chapter organizations. Please note that donations to these chapters may in some cases be used exclusively for local program activities.