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Потребителски групи

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Тази страница е за групи потребители и права на MediaWiki, за прост и гъвкав структурата на асоциация моля вижте Wikimedia User Groups

The following is a list of user groups in the Wikimedia Foundation projects. It is organized in approximate descending order of permissions. Note that the order is not directly correlated to power in the proper sense of the word, but rather refers to technical access in the MediaWiki software. Be aware that, though the technical abilities are the same on all Foundation projects, certain groups' definitions and roles differ from wiki to wiki.

Локални групи

On Meta

Without global effects

With global effects

On some other wikis

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Глобални групи

Abuse filter helper

The abuse filter helpers global group was created to allow its users global access to view the contents of abuse filters marked as private and their corresponding abuse log entries.

Abuse filter maintainer

Abuse filter maintainer is a global user group assigned by stewards that permits trusted users access to view, and where appropriate, edit abuse filters. This permission is enabled on every public Wikimedia wiki that shares access via CentralAuth and SUL, and is only to be used for non-controversial maintenance, or by request of the local community. Since users in this group can seriously disrupt Wikimedia wikis if used incorrectly, the abuse filter maintainer permission is only assigned to users who have a strong track record in maintaining abuse filters.

API high limit requestor

Users within the API high limit requestors global user group could have a higher API query limit.

This group offers the apihighlimits user right, enables a maximum 5000 results when querying via API. Normally, bots and sysops automatically have this right.

CAPTCHA exemptions

Main article: CAPTCHA exemptions

Users within the CAPTCHA exemptions global user group won't be prompted to enter CAPTCHAs by Extension:ConfirmEdit, for example when saving a page with new external links in it. This permission is only assigned to users that have demonstrated a need for it. Users may request access to captcha-exempt at Steward requests/Global permissions.

Accepted rationales for granting this right:

Global bot

Global bots have bot access on all wikis where global bots are enabled (see the list of wikis). Global bots are subject to the standard bot policy, which limits these bots to specific tasks.

Global deleters

Main article: Global deleters

Global deleters help users transition to global user pages or manage their user pages crosswiki via the Synchbot service. The group lets members delete and undelete pages on all wikis, and complements the interface editor group.

Interface editors

Interface editors is a global group that allows its members to modify interface pages and protected templates on all Wikimedia projects. A user may be given this permission if they are a highly experienced js/css/template coder. It should be used only to perform non-controversial tasks. As a rule this permission is assigned for a finite duration—up to a year.

Global IP block exempt

The global IP block exemption is a global group that allows users to bypass global IP blocks and rangeblocks.

Global rollback

Users with global rollback can revert a series of edits by one user with one click on any wiki, primarily intended for vandalism and nonsense. Users must be demonstrably active in crosswiki counter-vandalism for access.


Global sysop

Global sysops are users with sysop access on multiple small wikis, mainly for the purpose of fighting vandalism in the absence of local administrators. They are appointed after a lengthy discussion on Steward requests/Global permissions.


New wikis importers

New wikis importers are users who regularly deal with the import of pages to the new wikis created per the language proposal policy, from their respective test wikis (Incubator, BetaWikiversity or OldWikisource). This is a merely technical routine task that should be done by experienced importers (see the log of past imports).

Two-factor authentication tester

The two-factor authentication tester group allows users to enable two-factor authentication even if they don't belong to any of the groups that are normally allowed to enable it.


Stewards have complete access to the wiki interface, and perform technical implementation of community consensus, deal with emergencies, and intervene against crosswiki vandalism. Stewards are elected annually with participation from all wikis.

VRT permissions agents

VRT permissions agents are users who have access to the permissions queues of the Wikimedia VRTS. The global group is used primarily for identification purposes, and the only user right it contains is the ability to activate two factor authentication.

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