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Политики и упътвания Политики и информация за администратори
Тази страница съдържа информация за мета администратори и показва съответните политики.
Meta-Wiki Administrator-2000px.png

Администраторът е потребител, който може да защитава и сваля защитата на страници, изтрива и възстановява страници, блокира и отблокира потребители и извършва различни други задачи (вижте пълния списък тук). За да станете администратор, отправете заявка на Заявки за администратор и изпълнете изискванията, посочени там и по-долу.

За списъка на администраторите на други проекти на Уикимедия, вижте Администратори на проекти на Уикимедия.

За помощ от администратор, посетете Мета:Заявки за помощ от администратор или бюрократ.

Политика за номиниране на администратори

To request administrator access on Meta, you need to:

  • Demonstrate cross-wiki experience (e.g., be a participant of at least two months' duration on at least one project other than Meta and the "home" project).
  • Have a user page on Meta, with links to the user pages on other participated projects (this can state that SUL is activated or be provided via a Wiki matrix, if that is not possible).
  • Have a valid contact address (either a confirmed email address in preferences, or a valid email address on the user page).
  • Be an active contributor on Meta (this is a subjective, not objective, measure; there is no official edit-count).
  • Preferably add {{#babel}} to your user page, given the multilingual nature of Meta.

Ill-considered nominations for adminship can be draining and deflating to both community and candidate. Any successful candidate will need to demonstrate sufficient experience within the Wikimedia community, in addition to a familiarity with Meta. If a candidate is not already a local administrator or holder of advanced permissions on a Wikimedia content project, he or she is less likely pass a request for adminship at Meta.

The request is made at Requests for adminship, with at least one week allocated for the community to express opinions. The candidate will be named sysop here only if approved by at least 75% of participants. All active Meta-wiki editors may participate and give their opinion on the candidate. If your activity is outside Meta, but you have an opinion based on working with candidate in other Wikimedia projects, in support of or against the candidate, you are welcomed to submit it.

If the candidate becomes a sysop, they should add their name to Administrator list, and ensure they keep a valid user name page, links to at least one other project, and valid contact. Administrators not respecting these rules will be desysoped.

Вижте също: https://tools.wmflabs.org/supercount/index.php?user=UserName&project=meta.wikimedia

Template:AdminWelcome съдържа някои полезни връзки за настоящите администратори.

To become an administrator, make a request at Requests for adminship and meet the requirements listed there and above.

Редовните администратори имат право да се абонират за личния пощенски списък metawiki-admins. Ако желаете да се абонирате, ще намерите инструкциите на страницата на пощенския списък.


It is helpful for some people to have access to protected pages on Meta (related to languages files). In such cases, two options are possible:

  • Temporary unprotection of these pages, so that the user can quietly work on them for a limited time.
  • Temporary sysoping of the user so they can edit the protected pages. In this case, the adminship shall be granted with no requirements and approval, but the user will promise to limit their activity to the necessity of their local project. Preferably, the admin status will be temporary.

Статут на администратор с ограничени права

Administrator status can be granted in a limited or restricted way. Limits can be set in time and/or in scope (for example, an user can be granted limited administrator status to perform technical work for an indefinite period of time, or to assist in a specific task for a set period of time, etc.). Unless requested and granted otherwise, limited adminship will have a duration of one month, after which rights will be removed. They are technically equivalent to regular administrators though they should only use their privilege with restraint and are usually subject to a different activity requirement. Limited administrators should avoid using their administrator tools for tasks they have not been authorized, and doing so will be grounds for immediate removal.

Политика за лишаване от администраторски права


Any sysop inactive on Meta will be desysopped. "Inactivity" is normally defined as fewer than 10 logged actions in the past six months. Desysopping is formally undertaken at Meta:Administrators/Removal. Users who are desysopped may reapply through the regular avenue.

The next formal administrator review takes place on: 1 October 2019 (update)

Критерии за отстраняване
  1. Users who have made fewer than ten edits in the six months immediately before the removal date (April 1 or October 1) are desysopped without notice.
  2. Users who have made more than ten edits but fewer than ten actions requiring admin privileges in the same period are given a week to indicate they would like to retain their access. Users in this category are to be notified on the first day, and adminship is removed without notice on the seventh day if there is no response.

Newly elected administrators are exempt from the first evaluation date following their election. The evaluation criteria apply only to users who were administrators for the full six-month evaluation period.

Администратори, въвлечени в конфликт

Administrators should avoid using their tools in situations where they may not be impartial. Those situations include using the tools in disputes in which they are involved parties. If the administrator is in doubt, the administrator is encouraged to ask for opinions, or to ask another administrator to take the case to Meta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucrat.

Списък на администратори

Следните потребители имат администраторски права на Мета. (Вижте също автоматично генерираните списъци на администратори, бюрократи, проверяващи, ревизори и стюарди.)

  • Последно обновяване: 2019-09-25
Потребителско име Говорими езици Други права
-revi ko, en-3 CN admin, oversight, steward
Ajraddatz en, fr-1 checkuser, steward
Aldnonymous id, en-4, bbc-Latn-3, bts-3, ms-3, su-2, ace-2, jv-2, map-bms-2, zh-2, cmn-2 (-1 or -2) some Indonesian local languages global rollbacker, global sysop
Amire80 ru, en-4, he-4, ca-3, it-2, eo-2, es-2, la-1, lt-1, am-1, ar-1 CN admin, global sysop
Anthere fr, en-3
Az1568 en global rollbacker
Base uk, ru-4, en-2 CN admin, interface admin, steward
Beetstra en interface admin, global rollbacker
Billinghurst en global rollbacker, global sysop
Bsadowski1 en steward
Courcelles en, es-2, fr-2 global rollbacker
Danny B. cs, en-3, sk-3, fr-1, ru-1
Defender pt, en-2, es-1 steward
DerHexer de, en-3, es-2, grc-2, la-2 oversight, steward
Dschwen de, en-3, fr-1 interface admin
EpochFail en, es-1
Herbythyme en, fr-2, es-1, it-1, la-1
Hoo man de, en-2 steward
Jusjih zh, en-3, fr-1, ko-1
Kaganer ru, en-1 CN admin, interface admin
Kaldari en
Lustiger seth de, en-3
MarcoAurelio es, en-2, fr-2 bureaucrat, CN admin, checkuser, oversight, steward
Martin Urbanec cs, en-3 CN admin, global renamer
Matiia es, en-2 bureaucrat, CN admin, steward
MF-Warburg de, en-3, fr-1, tet-1, la-1 bureaucrat
MusikAnimal en, es-3 global renamer
Mxn en, es-2, vi-2
NahidSultan bn, en-3, bpy-1.05, as-1 CN admin, steward
Pharos en, fr-1 CN admin
RadiX pt, en-3, es-2, fr-2, it-2, gl-1, sk-1, (sq, ms, hi)-0.5 steward
Shanmugamp7 ta, en-3 CN admin, steward
Shizhao zh
Snowolf en, it
Steinsplitter de-4, en-2, it-2 CN admin, interface admin, global renamer
StevenJ81 en, fr-3, he-2
Stryn fi, en-2, sv-1 steward
Tegel sv, en-3 steward
Teles pt, en-3, es-2 steward, ombudsman
There'sNoTime en-N, de-3, es-3, it-3, fr-3 steward
Trijnstel nl, en-4, de-1, fr-1 checkuser, CN admin, steward
Vermont en, es-2, ru-1, he-1 global rollbacker, global sysop
Vituzzu it, scn, en-2, fr-2, la-1, es-1, pt-1 checkuser, CN admin, steward
Vogone de, en-3, lt-2, fr-2, nl-1 interface admin, CN admin, global edit filter helper, global renamer, global rollbacker, global sysop
Xaosflux en, es-1 CN admin, interface admin, oversight, global edit filter helper

Временни или назначени администраторски права

  • Последно обновяване: 2019-09-18 (edit)
Временни или назначени администратори на Мета-Уики
Потребителско име Страница на заявката Одобрен за Одобрен от Срок
Heather (WMF) (talk · contribs) None WMF staff work Jalexander-WMF N/A
WMFOffice (talk · contribs) None  To mirror global blocks locally on meta Jalexander-WMF N/A
GVarnum-WMF (talk · contribs) None WMF Contractor work - Communications Jalexander-WMF N/A
Delphine (WMF) (talk · contribs) None WMF staff work Jalexander-WMF N/A
Lustiger seth (talk · contribs) RfA SBL work MarcoAurelio N/A (but the user is required to sign on each October inactivity run their wish to renew for a new yearly term)
Willie Robert (talk · contribs) RfLA Wikimédia France activities MarcoAurelio Until they depart from the WMFr Board.

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