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方針とガイドライン 管理者の方針と情報
Meta-Wiki Administrator-2000px.png

メタウィキの管理者 は、ローカルでは保護と保護の解除、削除と削除の復帰、ブロックとブロックの解除といったさまざまなタスクの実行、グローバルではTitle blacklistSpam blacklistの編集、グローバル不正利用フィルターの修正、グローバルな一括メッセージの送信といったタスクの実行をする権限を与えられた利用者です。



  • 複数のウィキメディアプロジェクトにわたって活動があること(メタウィキや"ホーム"ウィキ以外の1つ以上のプロジェクトで少なくとも2か月は参加していること)。
  • メタウィキに利用者ページを作成していること。
  • Have a valid contact address (either a confirmed email address in preferences, or a valid email address on the user page).
  • Be an active contributor on Meta (this is a subjective, not objective, measure; there is no official edit-count).
  • Preferably add {{#babel}} to your user page, given the multilingual nature of Meta.

Ill-considered nominations for adminship can be draining and deflating to both community and candidate. Any successful candidate will need to demonstrate sufficient experience within the Wikimedia community, in addition to a familiarity with Meta. If a candidate is not already a local administrator or holder of advanced permissions on a Wikimedia content project, they are less likely to pass a request for adminship at Meta.

The request is made at Requests for adminship, with at least one week allocated for the community to express opinions. The candidate will be named sysop here only if approved by at least 75% of participants. All active Meta-wiki editors may participate and give their opinion on the candidate. If your activity is outside Meta, but you have an opinion based on working with candidate in other Wikimedia projects, in support of or against the candidate, you are welcomed to submit it.

If the candidate becomes a sysop, they should add their name to Administrator list, and ensure they keep a valid user name page, links to at least one other project, and valid contact. Administrators not respecting these rules will be desysoped.


For current administrators: Template:AdminWelcome contains some handy links.

To become an administrator, make a request at Requests for adminship and meet the requirements listed there and above.

Regular administrators are allowed to subscribe to metawiki-admins, a private mailing list. Should you wish to subscribe, you'll find the instructions on the mailing list page.


It is helpful for some people to have access to protected pages on Meta (related to languages files). In such cases, two options are possible:

  • Temporary unprotection of these pages, so that the user can quietly work on them for a limited time.
  • Temporary sysoping of the user so they can edit the protected pages. In this case, the adminship shall be granted with no requirements and approval, but the user will promise to limit their activity to the necessity of their local project. Preferably, the admin status will be temporary.


Administrator status can be granted in a limited or restricted way. Limits can be set in time and/or in scope (for example, a user can be granted limited administrator status to perform technical work for an indefinite period of time, or to assist in a specific task for a set period of time, etc.). Unless requested and granted otherwise, limited adminship will have a duration of one month, after which rights will be removed. Limited administrators technically are given the same rights as regular administrators, but should avoid using their administrator tools for tasks they have not been authorized. Doing so could be grounds for immediate removal. Limited administrators can also be subject to a different activity requirement than regular administrators.



Metaで活発に活動していない(非活動)管理者はすべて管理者権限を除去されます。 「非活動」とは、通常、過去6か月間に実行され、記録された操作が10件未満、と定義されます。権限除去は Meta:Administrators/Removal で定例的に行われます。 権限除去された利用者は通常の立候補手続きに従って再立候補できます。

次回の定例の管理者活動点検は: 1 October 2021に行われます (更新)

  1. 権限除去予定日(4月1日、もしくは10月1日)直前の6か月間に10未満の編集しか行っていない利用者は予告なく権限除去されます。
  2. 同期間内に、10以上の編集を行っているものの、管理者権限が必要な行為を10未満しか行っていない利用者の場合、権限保持の継続希望を表明する猶予期間を1週間与えられます。このカテゴリの利用者は猶予期間1週間の1日目に通知を受け、もしそれに反応しなければ7日目に通知なく権限除去されます。



中立公平でいられないかもしれない状況で管理者権限を行使するのは避けるべきです。 そのような状況には、自分が片方に与している紛争で権限行使することも含まれます。 疑問がある場合、その管理者は他の人たちに意見を求めるか、あるいは他の管理者にMeta:Requests for help from a sysop or bureaucratで意見を求めてもらうことが奨励されます。



  • 最終更新: 2021-05-24
利用者名 理解できる言語 その他の権限
-revi ko, en-3 CN admin, oversighter, steward
1234qwer1234qwer4 ru, de-4, en-2, la-1
1997kB hi, en-3 global renamer, global rollbacker
Ajraddatz en, fr-2 checkuser, ombudsman
Amire80 ru, en-4, he-4, ca-3, it-2, eo-2, es-2, la-1, lt-1, am-1, ar-1 CN admin, global sysop
Anthere fr, en-3
Atcovi en, de-2 global rollbacker, global sysop
Base uk, ru-4, en-2 CN admin, interface admin, steward
Beetstra en interface admin, global rollbacker
Billinghurst en global rollbacker, global sysop, abuse filter maintainer (global)
Bsadowski1 en steward
Camouflaged Mirage en, zh interface admin, global rollbacker
CptViraj gu, hi-4, en-2, hif-1, sa-1, bgc-1, raj-1, mr-1, bh-1, ne-1 global renamer, global rollbacker, global sysop
DannyS712 en, he-2, es-2, zh-2 interface admin, global rollbacker, global sysop
Defender pt, en-2, es-1 steward
DerHexer de, en-3, es-2, grc-2, la-2 oversighter, steward
GeneralNotability en, es-1, la-1
Hasley es, en-2, ca-2, it-1, pt-1, gl-1 interface admin, global rollbacker, global sysop
Herbythyme en, fr-2, es-1, it-1, la-1
Infinite0694 ja, en-3, de-3, fr-2, it-1 global rollbacker, global sysop
Jusjih zh, en-3, fr-1, ko-1
Kaganer ru, en-1 CN admin, interface admin
Kaldari en
Krd de, en-3
Lofty abyss en-4, it-2
MarcoAurelio es, en-2, fr-2 bureaucrat, CN admin, checkuser, oversighter, steward
Martin Urbanec cs, en-3 CN admin, interface admin, steward
Matiia es, en-2 bureaucrat, CN admin, global rollbacker
MF-Warburg de, en-3, fr-1, tet-1, la-1 bureaucrat, global rollbacker, global sysop
Minorax en, zh, fr-1, ko-1, ms-1 interface admin, global rollbacker, global sysop
MusikAnimal en, es-3 interface admin, steward
NahidSultan bn, en-3, bpy-1.05, as-1 CN admin, global renamer, global sysop
Operator873 en, es-2 steward
Pharos en, fr-1 CN admin
RadiX pt, en-3, es-2, fr-2, it-2, gl-1, sk-1, (sq, ms, hi)-0.5 steward
Shanmugamp7 ta, en-3 CN admin, steward
Shizhao zh
Sotiale ko, en-2, ja-1, bi-1, tpi-1, eo-1 checkuser, steward
Steinsplitter de-4, en-2, it-2 CN admin, interface admin, global renamer
Stryn fi, en-2, sv-1 steward
Tegel sv, en-3 steward
Teles pt, en-3, es-2 steward
TheSandDoctor en, fr-1 global renamer
Tks4Fish pt, en-5, es-2, it-2 steward
Trijnstel nl, en-4, de-1, fr-1 checkuser, CN admin, steward
Tulsi Bhagat ne, mai, en-3, hi-2, bh-2, hif-2
Uncitoyen tr, en-2, fr-2 global renamer, global rollbacker, global sysop
Vermont en, es-2, ru-2 checkuser, global rollbacker, global sysop
Vituzzu it, scn, en-2, fr-2, la-1, es-1, pt-1 CN admin, steward
WhitePhosphorus zh, en-3, lzh-1, wuu-1, yue-1 global rollbacker, global sysop
Wiki13 nl, en-4, de-1, fr-1 steward
WikiBayer bar, de-4, en-1, gsw-1, nds-1, pfl-1 global rollbacker, global sysop
Xaosflux en, es-1 CN admin, interface admin, oversighter, abuse filter maintainer (global), global renamer
علاء ar, en-4, he-1, es-1 steward


  • 最終更新: 2021-04-16 (edit)
利用者名 申請ページ 権限の用途 付与者 有効期限
Heather (WMF) (talk · contribs) None WMF staff work Jalexander-WMF N/A
WMFOffice (talk · contribs) None  To mirror global blocks locally on meta Jalexander-WMF N/A
GVarnum-WMF (talk · contribs) None WMF Contractor work - Communications Jalexander-WMF N/A
Delphine (WMF) (talk · contribs) None WMF staff work Jalexander-WMF N/A
Reedy (WMF) (talk · contribs) None Dashiki work Reedy (WMF) N/A
Milimetric (WMF) (talk · contribs) None Dashiki work Reedy (WMF) N/A
DAlangi (WMF) (talk · contribs) None WMF staff work JSutherland (WMF) 2021-07-01
Ottomata (talk · contribs) None WMF staff work NahidSultan (WMF) 2021-12-21
Mforns (WMF) (talk · contribs) None WMF staff work NahidSultan (WMF) 2021-12-21
Lustiger seth (talk · contribs) RfA SBL work MarcoAurelio N/A (but the user is required to sign on each October inactivity run if they wish to renew for a new yearly term)
MusikBot II (talk · contribs) RfA protect for templates and modules Matiia N/A (If the bot owner's admin right is removed, this bot's admin right will also be removed.)