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global bot[edit]

Hello Magister Mathematicae, please see Steward requests/Bot status#Removal of global bot status. Thank you! --UV 23:01, 30 January 2011 (UTC)Reply

Discusión grupos de trabajo Wikimedia México[edit]

Hola Magister, te invito a integrarte y participar en la discusión de los Grupos de Trabajo de Wikimedia México. Saludos, --Ivanmartinez 18:34, 17 February 2011 (UTC)Reply

Re: Diego Grez[edit]

Hi. I got your note, thanks for that. You may also have noticed that Diego has got generally annoyed with Wikiversity, and has retired from the project. When someone tells you that you understand the practical side of things, but not in theory, it would annoy you. Diego's taken a lot of stick from Wiki projects over the last 2 years, but sometimes things make you snap. It happens to me too. I understand that the message he left in the edit summary was excessively rude, and that does (or would have) warranted some form of action.

To be honest, when I made that comment about the global rollback for Diego, I had no idea that he even frequented Wikiversity. Since I also don't, that's natural. I know him from en.wikinews and en.wikipedia, and there appear to be no problems with him there. If there are elsewhere, since I don't contribute outside WP or WN nowadays, I wouldn't be likely to be aware of them.

Thanks for the heads up though, I appreciate the contact. BarkingFish 22:12, 17 February 2011 (UTC)Reply


I'm not a "female" user. I never said that in my preferences. If you understand it for some conversations (not with you by the way) it should be a misunderstanding. My sex is literaly unspecified in this projects. --Emporio2012 02:19, 19 February 2011 (UTC)Reply

Reviewing the case I think that you put an extra space in a user name here. Check the records please. --Emporio2012 15:20, 19 February 2011 (UTC)Reply


Hello, Magister. I was thinking and I think perhaps there're some "misunderstandings" in the case you show in the forum. If you show it, I suppose is because we can talk about it on this perspective. I'm not searching to be unblocked but, I don't know exactly the reasons you had to block me. The problem is the librarian Bucephala talked about an indirect threat and I don't have any record or constancy about indirect threats.

I suppose that if she asked you for the records and IPs and later she has it is because she first didn't have it and you gave it to her. I want to have this information also. Can you give me this records?

Thank you so much. --† Emporio2012 01:53, 27 February 2011 (UTC)Reply

No, I don't provide IP records to her, you or anybody. I only told her that I certify they are correlated and that the vandal accounts share your same IP. I didn't give her IP records. es:Magister Mathematicae 02:03, 27 February 2011 (UTC)Reply
Ok. So let me ask you: Can the librarians of any wiki know the IP of all the users and their contributions?
I just have confirmed my e-mail adress, that's why I couldn't send private e-mails : /
Please inform me about the question. Thanks. --† Emporio2012 02:08, 27 February 2011 (UTC)Reply
Another thing: where can I ask for that deleted record? --† Emporio2012 02:11, 27 February 2011 (UTC)Reply

IP data is considered confidential and therefore not available to users. Only those with checkuser access are allowed to see IP records. ("Librarians" don't have access to IP records) es:Magister Mathematicae 03:24, 27 February 2011 (UTC)Reply

Youda camper[edit]

Thank you very much! :) --Darwinius 06:20, 28 February 2011 (UTC)Reply


Hi, today (Indonesia time) we start a writing competition for jv.wikipedia.

Could you assist so that the participants registration would not be considered as vandals. There would be around 100 participants all together. Thanks & Cheers — Tjmoel  bicara 05:47, 21 March 2011 (UTC)Reply


Have you seen this one? --WizardOfOz talk 10:11, 24 March 2011 (U;TC)/

On locking editors[edit]

I know Capsot's heated editing style from a talk-page campaign he carried out on en, long before this current situation led him to include me in a similar campaign here, and am not fond of it. He can play both good cop and bad cop in the same effort. (He also sent me email versions of these talk-page messages, and I advised abiding by Meta policies rather than taunting people here. I am involved in related movement roles discussions about trademark use and group recognition, which has involved members of Amical, but Capsot was not part of those discussions.)

I am surprised by the lack of discussion on Meta about his lock, however -- since he is also a serious contributor to a few wikimedia projects. His talk-spam is very annoying, and sharing personal emails goes against project policy. But I don't see why he should not have access to his own talk page here to discuss the situation.

You write:

Now, you can't get away with disrupting sockpuppets just by openly acknowledging you're going to use alternate accounts to cause problems. Therefore I locked the account as we do with all other disrupting sockmasters.

Can you point to some of the disrupting sockmasters who are globally locked? My understanding is that we avoid locking the accounts of established users, unless they are involved in a cross-wiki vandalism spree, or threatening or harming other users on multiple projects. Any exceptions should be considered very carefully. If you feel that sockpuppetry alone should be added to the reasons for a lock, please suggest a policy change.

Locking remains a broken tool that really should not be used in any case where local wikis should have a say in editors' access to their project. In this case: does anyone on his homewiki want his account there blocked? (in this case, oc:wikt) I suspect blocks on es:wp and meta would address the problems you observed. SJ talk | translate   02:28, 2 April 2011 (UTC)Reply

I am conflicted, since I am working on trademark issues (noted above) that among other things led to this outburst. But I would ask another steward to review, if you don't mind. I am generally concerned by instruction creep leading to overuse of locking. Regards, SJ talk | translate   02:40, 2 April 2011 (UTC)Reply
Thank you for your review. SJ talk | translate   03:19, 2 April 2011 (UTC)Reply

Buenos dias, pedido.[edit]

Hola que tal buenos dias, queria saber si podrias hecharme una mano con un logotipo que me gustaria subir, y pues tengo un mail con permiso por parte de dicha empresa propietaria de ese logotipo, y tu tienes usuario en OTRS, queria saber si tu puedes ayudarme. El permiso solo lo otorgarán para el articulo de dicha empresa, el cual estoy narrando.

El logotipo es del sitio quanam.com. Desde ya agradezco tu ayuda, Saludos! Maxpana3 15:59, 26 April 2011 (UTC)Reply

e-book Edit Warring Referee Needed[edit]

Hello Magister,

I am requesting your help in refereeing or helping to establish some sort of consensus of a paragraph on the e-book topic regarding e-book awards.

I must be up front with you and let you know that I have not hid the fact that I am the director of an e-book award competition that is not listed in the paragraph and I seek to include our competition among those listed.

Here is the problem... The e-book entry states: "There are two yearly awards for excellence in e-books—the EPIC eBook Award[37] (formerly EPPIE) given by EPIC, and the Dream Realm Award[38] for science fiction, fantasy and horror e-books. Both awards have been given since 2000."

This information is simply not accurate because there are and have been more than two yearly awards for excellence in e-books for years.

I have made edits to reflect a change that instead of "two" there are "several" and I also have listed our Global eBook Awards as one that deserves mention. My edits were labeled as spam and advertising. I was warned for soapboxing by stating the reason for my edits to try and start a dialog, but no one welcomed me or was open with me as it states that things should be done based on the fourth pillar. And as far as edit warring goes, I am under the impression that simply deleting someone's comments and labeling them this way or that way does not invite peace and understanding or any chance of building a consensus.

On my third attempt at making an edit (because no one would even recommend HOW to change my edit so that it would be accurate), I added two of the other e-book awards that should have been added some time ago and even THAT was deleted with a warning against me.

Please advise--and THANK YOU.

meshmarketer 5/1/2011 10:00 PM PST

Re: Protección[edit]

Gracias por la respuesta. Rastrojo sin embargo ha revertido otro proxy y ha semiprotegido la página. Si va cross-wiki o algo y necesitas que te eche una mano avísame :-) Un saludo, -- Dferg ☎ talk 21:52, 24 June 2011 (UTC)Reply


Hello! I would not call off the http://bi.wikipedia.org/ Wikipedia, I saw that there is not an administrator. In my work and not abused by multiplying the number of articles.--U'd'T 15:39, 30 June 2011 (UTC)Reply



Could you kindly apply the same range blocks ( and I just did on metawiki on eswiki? I just saw you also did the same on commons. See this and SRCU#Sockpuppets@pt.wiki.

Regards, Ruy Pugliesi 02:51, 5 September 2011 (UTC)Reply

Sorry, I guess you have missinterpreted what I said. I asked for a range block on eswiki (where vandalisms are mostly occuring, and where you are a local administrator - please, check the diff above), not on ptwiki. Thanks, Ruy Pugliesi 00:21, 7 September 2011 (UTC)Reply

Notice of review of adminship[edit]


In accordance with Meta:Administrators/Removal and because you have made fewer than ten logged actions over the past six months, your adminship is under review at Meta:Administrators/Removal/October 2011. If you would like to retain your adminship, please sign there before October 10, 2011. Kind regards, vvvt 17:05, 3 October 2011 (UTC)Reply

Graves problemas en ES-Wikiquote[edit]

No se, que se puede hacer, y si he hecho lo correcto. He puesto ya un mensaje en Checkuser [1] Pero creo que tardara mucho tiempo (semana o semanas) en resolverse. Por eso acudo a ti y a Dferg(ya le he dejado un mensaje como este).

Es importante por que genera una cantidad de basura que me obliga que cada media hora o cada hora entre para bloquearle y borrar la decenas de paginas que ha creado. Y no se que soluciones se podría realizar.

En wikiquote tenemos una ola debastadora de vandalismo. Y no se quien es. Me gustaria bloquear su ip y el rango de Ips que usa. Realmente no se bien que debería de hacer por ello es que prefiero que este tema lo estudiéis Dferg y tu, por que, con franqueza, creo que a mi me viene grande este problema. Pero creo que urge (no dispongo de mucho tiempo al día para entrar en wikiquote) Un saludo Davidmartindel 22:36, 5 October 2011 (UTC)Reply

Solicitud desbloqueo plantilla del Wiktionary en asturiano[edit]

¡Hola! Te escribo para solicitarte por favor si puedes desbloquear una plantilla en el proyecto Wiktionary en asturiano [2]. Se trata de la plantilla para el idioma coreano [3], que hace ya más de tres años bloqueaste tú mismo debido a los vandalismos que estaba teniendo. Creo que actualmente ya no hay riesgo de más vandalismos y así podría modificar esa plantilla e igualarla con el resto. Te lo pido al ser tú quien lo bloqueó y porque el único administrador/bibliotecario propio con el que cuenta este proyecto hace tiempo que no aparece por él (ni por otros proyectos en esta lengua). Muchas gracias.--Etienfr 23:30, 16 October 2011 (UTC)Reply

¡Muchas gracias! Un saludo. ¡Chau!--Etienfr 03:55, 18 October 2011 (UTC)Reply

nahwiki username rename[edit]

Username rename request from White Cat to とある白い猫 per sul. -- とある白い猫 chi? 20:24, 6 November 2011 (UTC)Reply

Is it allowed in Wikipedia?[edit]

To keep in the pages of wiki Administrator's personnel thesis? at http://sd.wikipedia.org ? Other problem is We call Computer as same in English, but admin forcibly used his word Ganpukar of Computer. I have proof that thousands of published books called it Computer not Ganpukar. If some one oppose him he started abusive language. That is the reason sd.wikipedia.org never got attraction to Sindhi community. Plz check record there. Other things are he locked CSS due to that on the same site there are lot of font styles appeared there. He is not able to set commonCSS or Monocss. We are in trouble to work in our local Sindhi language. I don't know where to say for this problem. Record history says all the situation there. I appeal plz warn him to follow en.wikipedia.org rules, other wise he will continue use his personnel details and personnel promoted articles there. Dear I am sorry If u r not right person to say all about this, Plz suggest me where I can raise this issue. My sd.wikipedia.org ID is same. His thesis is not a violetion? http://sd.wikipedia.org/wiki/ماحولياتي_انتظام_ڪاڻ_اُپُگِرَهِي_عَڪس_ضماءُ_۽_درجه_بنديءَ_جي_طريقن_جو_اَڀياس

Alixafar 01:07, 22 November 2011 (UTC)Reply

Still no response there[edit]


But still no one came to give suggestions Alixafar 19:46, 24 November 2011 (UTC)Reply

change the user name[edit]

I want to change the user name is unique because of this name in many other names that might cause misunderstanding.Why can not change it.[4]--Wittaya.kitka 05:31, 10 December 2011 (UTC)Reply

I have to do to change the name.--Wittaya.kitka 05:40, 10 December 2011 (UTC)Reply


Estimado Drini (me gusta más que magister, lo siento):

Como antiguo y respetado miembro de la comunidad Wikimedia, te solicito tu urgente e imperiosa intervención como Mediador en Wikisource en Español. He dejado los detalles para que leas en la siguiente página: [5]. No voy a renunciar ni nada parecido, pero daré un paso al costado para preservar la poca salud que tengo. Un beso enorme y espero que termines estes año con toda la felicidad que te mereces y ruego por un próximo año mejor y con más armonía. --LadyInGrey 19:27, 31 December 2011 (UTC)Reply

Perdona por el regalo de fin de año, se que estas al tanto del problema y no es mi intención amargarte las vacaciones. Pero no quiero intervenir más y quería que quedara constancia en la wiki de que había pedido una mediación. Tómate tu tiempo para revisarlo, cualquier enlace que desees te lo enviaré. De todo esto me preocupa el efecto contagio que se ha provocado. Una vez me disculpa por pasarte el tema a tí. Un beso enorme, y mis mejores deseos para este año. --LadyInGrey 22:35, 1 January 2012 (UTC)Reply


Hola Magister Mathematicae he visto que es Stewards bueno quisiera pedirle que me dijiera como crear un bot solo eso por favor y gracias.--BlueFen 21:02, 13 January 2012 (UTC)Reply

Gracias por responderme pero lo quiero para la wikipedia en inglés también se puede realizar allí.--BlueFen Hi-Bye 13:27, 14 January 2012 (UTC)Reply


Replied on my talk page, Thompson.matthew 08:24, 13 February 2012 (UTC)Reply

Convocatoria de elección de primera Mesa Directiva de Wikimedia México[edit]

Estimado Magister, hemos iniciado la convocatoria para la elección de la primera Mesa Directiva de Wikimedia México, en la cual tienes derecho a voto. La mecánica, tiempos, padrón de electores (y los criterios para estar dentro del mismo), así como disposiciones generales de la elección están en la wiki del capítulo. Tu participación será muy valiosa en la elección. Saludos, --ProtoplasmaKid (talk) 16:40, 10 April 2012 (UTC)Reply

Urgent request[edit]

Hello Drini,

LadyInGrey recently deleted and locked all the catalog pages at es.ws I've been working on. This goes directly against a vote which permitted I and other users to do so. Can you please take care of this. - Theornamentalist (talk) 02:17, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply

I left you a more detailed response at your talk page there, but she has gone too far. I've spent months working on this, with help from several other users, and she decides to delete them in an instant. - Theornamentalist (talk) 02:22, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply
She is now deleting all the pages without any reason, I need immediate intervetion, please. - Theornamentalist (talk) 02:43, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply
Of course, it is here; the vote was to delete them or keep, and as neither reached the 66% required, it was closed by Freddy as undecided and that they could continue to be created. She has well aware of the vote and everything about the system, but for some reason she decided to delete things tonight. I'm really trying to remain civil speaking with her. - Theornamentalist (talk) 03:16, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply

I'm sorry, but I don't see that the voting supports your claim. es:Magister Mathematicae 03:42, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply

It's okay, let me explain. The proposal was to delete them or make them official (neither of which I wanted); what I wanted is for users who wished to add works to a catalog system to be able to or not. In order for them to either be official or to be deleted, one of the proposals must reach 66% of the total votes. The first proposal (to delete) received 8 out of 14 votes, or 57%. The second proposal (to make offical) received 5 of 14 votes, or 36%. The other vote was a blank vote, which did not count towards either. So it was closed as no-consensus, or '"Las páginas de índice no serán borradas, sin embargo tampoco podrán utilizarse de forma oficial ni ser incluídas en las obras de personas que no lo deseen." So, I and other users kept working on them.
What is frustrating is that she is very aware of this vote, and the percentages, as she has ruthlessly enforced a vote for subpages which had 4 options, and 11 out of 17 people supporting it subpages (64.7% which failed to reach 66% because of a blank vote). This vote was 5 months ago by the way. - Theornamentalist (talk) 03:49, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply
In addition, she has engaged in an edit war with me before trying to resolve any of this, rendering the pages we've worked on broken (here) by deleting the catalog pages and deleting their links like this. She will keep deleting the pages I've worked very hard on before discussing anything. - Theornamentalist (talk) 03:56, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply
She has also begun mistreating another user by changing the header of the work. Seemingly trivial, but a blatant disregard to what she has enforced on other people, and a highly offensive edit towards the user. Here's an example of one. She is not acting properly as a 'crat, like, at all. Isn't it a somewhat common requirement that a given site have at least two 'crats or none to avoid this kind of thing?
Please get back to me regarding the catalog pages, because she has deleted a lot of work and what is left is all broken; I would like to fix it without fear of being blocked for reverting her three times or something (even though she engaged the war, and reverted three times already). - Theornamentalist (talk) 13:45, 28 April 2012 (UTC)Reply
The vote allowed for the continual creation of the catalog system, and the means to support it. This involves templates, pages, linking and lists. All are integral parts of the system. They have been used by myself and others since the beginning and were explained in the vote and prior in the Cafe, in fairly great detail, fully open for change and collaboration, as well as improvement. The pages and templates have undergone a lot of changes and work. Then, we had the vote, and it resulted in the ability to continue to create them; it was neither made official or deleted (which was actually what I prefer, I have said since the beginning I never wanted to enforce anything of the kind.) So we kept working on them, for months and months.
Finding that I was having to recreate the same information over and over again on publisher, printer, catalog, author, and disambiguation pages, I thought that it would be easier for everyone if we created a space where the publications information was held. That way, we could link to that. This would allow any changes made to the book information to be updated to all of the pages where the book information was held. This is what was to become the /Catalogo pages. I brought this up at the Cafe, informed users that I wanted to try it out for the Catalog system we were working on, and that I meant no harm in doing so, nor was I breaking any rules against the subpage vote in partitioning a book. All active users where aware of it, a fellow admin even helped me update it when a link was changed. She then suddenly decided to not only delete that, but begin to delete the Catalog links in the header many of us use, which directly went against the vote, was highly unfair and a huge abuse of power, as she has locked the recreation of pages and engaged in an edit war with me. She refused to calmly or rationally discuss anything with me. Please address this issue. - Theornamentalist (talk) 01:10, 30 April 2012 (UTC)Reply

Acerca de OTRS...[edit]

Buenas, tengo una duda y no se como proceder, tengo los derechos cedidos de una imagen (esta), y no se como proceder, envié un correo al poseedor de los derechos de la imagen y el me respondió positivamente, el mensaje en cuestión esta en Esperanto pero es una traducción que yo mismo hice del mensaje de ejemplo que se encuentra para el idioma español. ¿Cual es el siguiente paso?¿ reenviarle el correo en el que el cede los derechos a un administrador de commons como usted y luego subir la imagen?. Le agradeceria cualquier ayuda.

Administrador en Wikiversidad[edit]

Hola Magister Mathematicae, quisiera saber si puedes nombrarme administrador y burocrata en Wikiversidad ya que eres Steward. Anteriormente pedi una CAA pero el usuario Antur y Antonorsi solo colocaron comentarios. Si necesita ver mis contribuciones aqui estan, disculpe las faltas ortograficas mi computadora tiene muchos errores con las teclas. Le agradeceria que me otorgara los permisos, gracias y saludos. --MOVIST (talk) 14:25, 11 August 2012 (UTC)Reply

Bureaucrat discussion[edit]

Hello. A bureaucrat discussion has been opened to decide the outcome of this request for de-adminship. It is opened for more than three days now and it has only received one comment so far. If you could please pass by and leave your comments over there it would be really appreciated. Best regards.

— Delivered via Global message delivery on behalf of MarcoAurelio, 15:20, 21 March 2013 (UTC)Reply

Fundraising translation feedback[edit]

Hey Magister Mathematicae,

I wanted to ask for your help. As you may be aware we have been running banners on many language wikis. We have a lot of new content this year and I really want to conduct a thorough review of our translations. This is a combination of feedback from the community, readers, donors as well as those with professional translator experience. This will help us ensure the highest quality of translations used in our messaging.

To help us out with this I wonder if you would be willing to give us feedback for Spanish using This Link

Simply follow the simple instructions on that page and if you have any questions feel free to contact me on my talk page.

Many Thanks

Jseddon (WMF) (talk) 20:12, 1 April 2013 (UTC)Reply

Forced user renames coming soon for SUL[edit]

Hi, sorry for writing in English. I'm writing to ask you, as a bureaucrat of this wiki, to translate and review the notification that will be sent to all users, also on this wiki, who will be forced to change their user name on May 27 and will probably need your help with renames. You may also want to help with the pages m:Rename practices and m:Global rename policy. Thank you, Nemo 16:51, 3 May 2013 (UTC)Reply

Forced user renames coming soon for SUL[edit]

Hi, sorry for writing in English. I'm writing to ask you, as a bureaucrat of this wiki, to translate and review the notification that will be sent to all users, also on this wiki, who will be forced to change their user name on May 27 and will probably need your help with renames. You may also want to help with the pages m:Rename practices and m:Global rename policy. Thank you, Nemo 16:51, 3 May 2013 (UTC)Reply

Felices fiestas y próspero 2016[edit]

Hola Magister. Te deseo que pases unas felices fiestas, lo poco que quedan de ellas; y que tengas una buena salida de año y entrada en el nuevo 2016. Un saludo. —MarcoAurelio 16:36, 30 December 2015 (UTC)Reply

Hello; In this page, is over second closure for Nahuatl Wikipedia. Regards.--Marrovi (talk) 23:08, 8 October 2017 (UTC)Reply