WALRUS/May 2012

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IRC meeting at #wikimedia-usconnect on May 9 at 9pm Eastern Time / 6pm Pacific Time.



Things that came up[edit]

  • Wikimedia New England Epic Meting
    • A batch of pro tempore vice presidents were elected with one head VP
    • The next NE meeting is on 14 May
    • No immediate plans for incorporation
    • WM-DC has offered to help New England when they decide to incorporate
    • They will meet again in Nov/Dec to evaluate their approach
  • There was an agreement that proto-chapters should focus on events and numbers first before setting their sights on incorporation
    • Several cities remarked that it was difficult to get enough people for just a meet up
      • Free food was offered as a way to draw wikipedians
      • WM-DC can make grants
A logo was created during the meeting
  • Wiknic 2012
    • Around 23 June
      • The date can fluctuate due to a local decision (Ex. NYC)
    • The site notice will go up on 8 June
    • Some City pages still need to be done
    • Goal of 10 cities in all
  • Education Working Group for North America
    • Pharos wants to incorporate WALRUS into the education program
    • The end product will combine several proposals
  • Wiki Loves Monuments
  • SF Bay Area Free Culture Alliance
    • It may be important to link up all of the free culture groups in the bay area
      • Creative Commons
      • WMF
      • Internet Archive
      • EFF
      • Students for Free Culture groups at local universities
    • Mattsenate (talk · contribs) is looking into it
  • GLAM
    • Wikipedians in residence were at the American Association of Museums meeting, Digital Public Library of America Meeting, and the Society of California Archivists meeting
  • Agreement in Principle
    • The national "association" is deliberately undefined
    • There was some apprehension about the draft due to its weak nature
    • What statement are we trying to make with this agreement?
  • There was some discussion about when to meet up around wikimania
    • Trying for an hour or two
    • Maybe sunday