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Wiki Explores Bankura - Phase II

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Bankura district

Wiki Explores Bankura - Phase II is a two day event to document some areas of district of Bankura, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to photo-document the various heritage structures which consists of mostly terracotta and laterite built temples in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons. This is the second phase of documenting heritage monuments at Bankura.


  1. Photograph heritage sites near 1. Settlement of Beliara and Patrasayar in Bishnupur block of Bankura District subdivision, 2. Harmasra and Deulbhira near Taldangra 3. Atbaichandi, Rajagram, Sontalpal, Ekteswar and other heritage places near Bankura town. 4. heritage places near Bishnupur Town. Done
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Bankura in Commons Done
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia Doing...
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata Doing...



Date: 14th to 15th September, 2019



Amitabha Gupta (talk) 21:32, 04 September 2019 (UTC)[reply]


  • 13.09.2019(Friday) - Depart from Kolkata by Purulia Express at 16:50, reach Bishnupur at 20:03. Overnight at hotel at Bishnupur YesY
  • 14.09.2019(Saturday) - Full day photo documentation of Settlement of Beliara and Patrasayar in Bishnupur block of Bankura District subdivision in a rented car. Overnight at hotel in Bishnupur. YesY
  • 15.09.2019 (Sunday) - Full Day Photo documentation at Harmasra Atbaichandi, Rajagram, Sontalpal, Ekteswar, Vikrampur, Jadabnagar, Tejpal. Depart by Rupashi Bangla Express either from Bankura or Bishnupur. YesY

Places to be covered


[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

  • Beliara and Patrasayar area
  1. Charchala temple of Sarbamangala at Naricha YesY
  2. Ruined Pancha Ratna temple at NarichaNoN
  3. Temple of Radha - Kanta at MuninagarYesY
  4. Bhora–Three laterite deul and charchala temple, Rasmancha and Durga dalan YesY
  5. Lakhsmi Narayan Temple with Rasmnacha and Dolmacha at Chowdhuripara in BalsiYesY
  6. Jora Mandir, At Chala Shiva Mandir, Deul Mandir of Vishnu at Rathtala in BalsiYesY
  7. Pancharatna Shiva Mandir in BalsiNoN
  8. Navartana Nilmadhab Temple and Rasmacha, BamiraYesY
  9. Ruined Jor Bangla temple at Bamira (demolished)
  10. Pancha Ratna Ram Mandir, BamiraYesY
  11. Chandimandap and Dalan temple, BamiraYesY
  12. Sridhar Atachala Temple at PatrasayarYesY
  13. Atachala Temple of Ghoshal family along with Deul and Dalan Temple at PatrasayarYesY
  14. Aat Chala temple of Moira family at PatitYesY
  15. Nabaratna Temple at IndasYesY
  16. Radhakantajiu PanchaRatna Temple at AkuiYesY
  • Near Bishnupur Town
  1. Nabartana Rasmancha at AbantikaYesY
  2. Laterite Stone temple at TejpalYesY
  3. Ruined laterite stone temple at JadavnagarNoN
  4. Laterite stone temple at VikrampurNoN
  • Near Bankura Town
  1. Rekh Deul at SonatopalYesY
  2. Deul Temple at EkteswarYesY
  3. Pancharatna Bishnu temple at RajagramYesY
  4. Navaratna Temple of Basudev Sridhara at RajagramYesY
  5. Dalan Temple of Damodar at RajagramNoN
  6. Basuli Temple at AtbaichandiYesY
  7. Atbaichandi Temple at AtbaichandiYesY
  • Taldangra
  1. Odisha Saila Temple, HarmasraYesY
  2. Nabaratna Temple, HarmasraYesY
  3. Jain Temple, Harmasra YesY
  4. Deulbhira Jain templeYesY

Financial Report

Date Particulars Details Amount (Rs) Remarks
13.09.2019 Train Ticket Purulia Express (Howrah to Bishnupur) 125.00 Ticket Provided
Snacks purchased for the tour Ashirbad Bhandar, Salt Lake 126.00 Bill Provided
Dinner at Bishnupur Road Side eatery 300.00 Bill Provided
14.09.2019 Breakfast Road Side eatery 120.00 Bill Provided
Lunch Road Side eatery 320.00 Bill Provided
Dinner Monaliasa Hotel & Restuarant 220.00 Bill Provided
15.09.2019 Hotel Bill (13.09.2019-15.09.2019) Mallabhum Lodge 1100.00 Bill Provided
Breakfast Road side eatery 100.00 Bill Provided
Lunch Sonar Tori, Onda, Bankura 270.00 Bill Provided
Snacks Road side shop 120.00 Bill Provided
Car Cost from 14.09.2019 to 15.09.2019 Dilip Datta, Transport Operator, Rashtola, Bishnupur 5000.00 Bill Provided
Train Ticket Rupasi Bangla Express (Bishnupur to Kolkata) 125.00 Train Ticket provided

Tour Comments

  1. i would need a dedicated assistant for support service in my future exploration program at Bankura. In the interiors of Bankura, people are inquisitive and unfriendly. Anybody with a camera draws lot of attention. My friend who went on his own expenses for support service was not very effective. I could do with a professional in such situation.
  2. Food quality and mineral water availability in the interiors of Bankura is absolutely pathetic.
  3. Mobile cameras have helps me a lot in several places. My phone camera shoots high resolution photographs. I will need an wide angle extension for my cell phone