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Wiki Explores Purba Bardhaman - Phase III

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Purba Bardhaman district

Wiki Explores Purba Bardhaman - Phase III is a four day event to further document some areas of district of Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to do further photo-documentation of the various heritage structures in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons.


  1. Photograph heritage sites around Galsi, Ausgram, Katwa and Khandaghosh area of Purba Bardhaman district.
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Purba Bardhaman in Commons.
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata


Date: 27th December to 30th December 2021


Amitabha Gupta (talk) 10:52, 26th December 2021 (UTC)


  • 26th January 2021 (Sunday) - Depart from Kolkata by HWH RPH SPL (03047) for Bardhaman town. Check into Hotel. Night stay at Bardhaman town.
  • 27th January 2021 (Monday) Cover Galsi side places in a rented car. Night stay at Bardhaman town.
  • 28th January 2021 (Tuesday) Cover Bhatar Side places in a rented car. Night stay at Bardhaman town.
  • 29th January 2021 (Wednesday) Cover Katwa Side places in a rented car. Night stay at Bardhaman town.
  • 30th January 2021 (Thursday) Cover Khandaghosh side places in a rented car. Leave in the afternoon from Bardhaman town by Hool Express.

Places to be covered[edit]

[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

Ausgram Police Station[edit]

  1. Sar
    1. Sareswar Mahadev Temple
    2. Octagonal TempleYesY
    3. Radhaballabh templeYesY
    4. Ruined Aatchala templeYesY
    5. Twin Aatchala temple of Roy familyYesY
  2. Dignagar
    1. Roy family Deul temple with terracottaYesY
    2. Deul Temple at Keotala AshramYesY
    3. Old Shiva Temple with BishnumurtiNoN
    4. Chandni JaltungiYesY
  3. Bahadurpur
    1. Abandoned Dalan Temple of Nayek FamilyYesY
    2. Ganguly family Jora Shiva TempleYesY
    3. Nayak Family Aatchala Jora Shiva temple with terracottaYesY
    4. A Small Deul TempleYesY
    5. Ganguly family Pancha Ratna TempleYesY
    6. Abandoned Twin Shiva TempleYesY
    7. Abandoned Aatchala templeYesY
  4. Eral
    1. Temple complex of Ganguly familyYesY
    2. Sridhar Jiu TempleYesY
    3. Buddheswar Shiva templeYesY
  5. Aduria
    1. Deul temple of Shiva with terracottaYesY
    2. Octagonal Shiva Temple of Ray familyYesY
    3. Deul temple of Shiva of Roy familyNoN
  6. Takipur
    1. Octagonal Shiva Temple of Bhattacharya familyYesY
    2. Twin Shiva Temple of Bhattacharya familyYesY
    3. Aatchala Shiva Temple of Bhattacharya familyYesY
    4. Octagonal Kashinath and Biswanath temples of Sarkar familyYesY
    5. Gangadhar Shiva temple of Sarkar familyYesY
  7. Billagram
    1. Billeswar Shiva Temple complexYesY
    2. Five pinnacled RasmanchaYesY
    3. Aatchala TempleYesY
Bhatar Police Station[edit]
  1. Orgram
    1. Twin Terracotta decorated Shiva Deul Temple of Ray familyYesY
    2. Twin Aatchala Shiva temple of Ray familyYesY
  2. Ambona
    1. Deul TempleNoN
  3. Ramchandrapur
    1. Cluster of four templesYesY
    2. Octagonal temple inside Hemanta AshramYesY
    3. Flat roofed temple inside Hemanta AshramYesY
    4. Roofless NatmandirYesY
  4. Kashipur
    1. Kashinath temple with cluster of two deul and an Aatchala templeYesY
  5. Eruar
    1. Five Pinnacled temple of Pal familyYesY
    2. Deul styled temple of De familyYesY
  6. Bara Belun
    1. Baneshwar Shiva TempleYesY
  7. Bamunara
    1. De Family Pancharatna with terracottaNoN
Manteshwar Police Station[edit]
  1. Kaigram
    1. Jor Bangla styled temple of Vishnu in Baraha AvatarYesY
    2. Aatchala Shiva temple of Basu familyYesY
    3. Dol Mandir of Basu family at KaigramYesY
    4. Radha Binod Temple of Basu family(premises closed)NoN
  2. Putsuri
    1. Charchala templeYesY
    2. Twin Temple of Gon familyYesY
    3. Gon family residenceYesY
Katwa Police Station[edit]
  1. Sribati
    1. Three Temples of Chandra FamilyYesY
  2. Jagadanandapur
    1. Radhagobinda templeYesY
  3. Dainhat
    1. Roy family Charchala Shiva temple with terracottaYesY
    2. Kishore Kishori templeYesY
    3. Place of Durga Puja by Bhaskar PanditYesY
    4. Samajbari or the Samadhi mandir of Maharaja Kirtichand of BarddhamanYesY
  4. Baghtikra
    1. Aatchala temple of Chandra family at BagtikraYesY
  5. Gangatikuri
    1. Residence of Zamindar Bandopadhay familyYesY
  6. Sitahati
    1. Hexagonal Kalagni Rudradev TempleYesY
  7. Uddharanpur
    1. Uddharana Datta Thakura's Samadhi YesY
    2. Ratneswar Shiva TempleYesY
Galsi Police Station[edit]
  1. Amarpur
    1. Amareswar Shiva temple of Mukhopadhyay familyYesY
  2. Shilla
    1. Raghunath Temple of Mandal family YesY
  3. Lowa
    1. Aatchala Shiva Temple and RasmanchaYesY

Khandaghosh Police Station[edit]
  1. Khandaghosh
    1. Radhaballabh temple of Ghosh familyYesY
    2. Aatchala temple of Das familyYesY
    3. Deul Temple of Das familyYesY
    4. Pancharatna Shiva Temple of Sarkar familyYesY
    5. Flat roofed temple of Adhya familyYesY
    6. Aatchala temple of Adhya familyYesY
  1. Onari
    1. Rameshwar Shiva TempleYesY
    2. Deul Temple of Sen FamilyYesY
    3. Aatchala Mahadev Temple of Ghosh familyYesY
    4. House of Batukeswar DattaYesY

Financial Report[edit]

Financial Report
Purpose Particulars Date Price (INR) Receipt Remarks
Train Cost (Going) HWH RPH SPL 26-Dec-21 300.75 Yes
Train Cost (Returning) HOOL EXPRESS 30-Dec-21 350.75 Yes
Uber cost Home to Howrah Station 26-Dec-21 140.55 Yes
Taxi cost Howarh Station to Home 30-Dec-21 150.00 No
Accomodation Cost The Bless Inn, Bardhaman Town 26-Dec 21 to 30-Dec-21 10519.04 Yes
Car Cost New SiddiVinyak Travels 27-Dec 21 to 30-Dec-21 14000.00 Yes
Snacks and Dinner The Second Wife, Bardhaman Town 26-Dec 21 to 30-Dec-21 1951.00 yes
Lunch Joy Maa Kali Hindu Hotel, Orgram 27-Dec-21 460.00 Yes
Breakfast and Lunch Santiniketon Lodge, Singhi 28-Dec-21 700.00 Yes
Lunch Rik Restaurant 29-Dec-21 507.00 Yes
Lunch Nakshatra Restaurant 30-Dec-21 796.00 yes
TOTAL COST 29875.09