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Wiki Explores Cooch Behar - Phase I

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Cooch Behar district

Wiki Explores Cooch Behar - Phase I is a two-day event to document some areas of district of Cooch Behar, West Bengal, India. While the Cooch Behar town is popular among the tourists, Wikimedia Commons surprisingly has very less high-quality images of the place. The objective of this event is to photo-document the various heritage structures in the said area most of which have significantly less presence on Wikimedia commons.


  1. Photograph heritage sites at Cooch Behar Town, Baneshwar Shiva Temple, Madhupur Dham, Gosanimari excavation site and Kamteshwari temple. Done
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Cooch Behar district on Wikimedia Commons . Done
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures on Bengali and English Wikipedia. Doing...
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata. Doing...


Date: 20–21 January 2020


Amitabha Gupta (talk) 16:55, 18 January 2020 (UTC)[reply]


  • 18.01.2020(Saturday) - Depart from Kolkata by Patadik Express at 23:20 YesY
  • 19.01.2020(Sunday) - Reach New Cooch Behar station in the afternoon. Overnight at Hotel and Cooch Behar Town.YesY
  • 20.01.2020(Monday) - Photograph heritage building in the Cooch Behar Town. Overnight at Hotel and Cooch Behar Town.YesY
  • 21.01.2020(Tuesday) - Photograph heritage structures at Baneshwar Shiva Temple, Madhupur Dham, Gosanimari excavation site and Kamteshwari temple. Board Patadik Express in the afternoon. Reach Kolkata next day morning.YesY

Places to be covered[edit]

[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

  1. CoochBihar Raj Bari and Park YesY
  2. Madan Mohan Temple YesY
  3. Baneshwar Shiva TempleYesY
  4. Sagardighi YesY
  5. Old District Magistrates Office YesY
  6. District offices of Backward Classes Welfare Department(Kalyan Bhawan)YesY
  7. MJN Hospital YesY
  8. Head Post Office ( GPO)YesY
  9. Victor Palace YesY
  10. Bhola Ashram (Presently residence of Additional district magistrate)YesY
  11. Maharaja Jitendra Narayan Club YesY
  12. Jenkins School YesY
  13. ABNS College YesY
  14. Chilarai Barrack NoN
  15. Siddheswari Temple YesY
  16. Siddhanath Siva Temple YesY
  17. Parijat VillaYesY
  18. Railway Museum, Coochbihar YesY
  19. Madhupur Dham Temple YesY
  20. Gosanimari Rajpat YesY
  21. Kamteswari Temple YesY

Financial Report[edit]

Date Particulars Details Amount (Rs) Remarks
18.01.2020 Train Ticket Patadik Express (Howrah to New Cooch Behar) 1080.00 Ticket Provided
19.01.2020 Breakfast in Train 50.00 No Bill
Toto Fare New Cooch Behar Station to Yuvaraj Hotel 150.00 No Bill
Railway Museum Entry free Northeast Frontier Railway, Alipurduar division 20 Bill Provided
20.01.2020 Toto Fare within the city 30.00 No Bill
CoochBehar Musuem Entry Fee Archaeological Survey of India 25.00 Bill misplaced
21.01.2020 Hotel Bill (19.01.2020-21.01.2020) Hotel Yuvaraj 2464.00 Bill Provided
Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner (19.01.2020-20.01.2020) Restaurant Monarch 1142.00 Bill Provided
Incidental expenses Tipping Room service 100.00 No Bill
Car Expenses for visting Gosanimari, Baneswar, etc Om Sai Travels 2600.00 Bill Provided
Photography Charges Debottar Trust Coochbehar 60.00 Bill Provided
Parking Fees Baneswar Gram Panchayat 20.00 Bill Provided
Lunch on 21.01.2020 Top Hotel 220.00 Bill Provided
AC Waiting Room Charge Apex Industries 20.00 Bill Provided
Train Ticket Patadik Express 1117.00 Train Ticket provided

Comments on Tour[edit]

  1. Other than Chillarai Barrack which is a military barrack and does not allow photography, other places are easy to photographs. To get crowdless photos of Government building and Schools one has to visit them early morning, say by 9:00 am
  2. Coochbehar has many heritage buildings which are relatively unknown and difficult to locate. Local heritage expert Rzishikalpa Paul informed me about these. Since I did not have any extra time, I am keeping these for my next exploration programme.
  3. One can visit the prominent heritage spots in the city in a day either by walking on foot or travelling in Toto. That way car cost can be saved which is expensive at Coochbehar.