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Wiki Explores Bankura - Phase III is a two day event to document some areas of district of Bankura, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to do photo-documentation of the various heritage structures in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons. This is a continuation of earlier events Wiki Explores Bankura - Phase I & II. As a supplementary part of this event a small half day visit was made to cover some missed out monuments on 16th January 2022.


  1. Photograph heritage sites along with important places near them at Beliatore, Ghutgoria, Kadasol, Muktator, Saharjora, Rautkhanda, Supur(Joypur P.S.), Bhagalpur, Jibta, Sihar, Boital, Simplapal, Bikrampur, Rajangar (Joypur P.S.)
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures and other places of Bankura district in Commons
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata



  • 1st December 2021 (Wednesday) - Depart from Howrah Station by HWH PRR SUF EXP (12827) train to Bishnupur. Check into hotel. Night Stay at Bishnupur.
  • 2nd December 2021 (Thursday) - Depart from Bishnupur in a pre-booked car and cover places around Barjora. Night Stay at Bishnupur.
  • 3rd December 2021 (Friday) - Depart from Bishnupur in a pre-booked car and cover places around Joypur. Night Stay at Bishnupur.
  • 4th December 2021 (Saturday) - Check out from hotel and leave for Kolkata by morning train and reach Howrah by 11:30 am

Places to be covered[edit]

  1. Beliatore
    1. Dharma Thakur TempleYesY
    2. Dalan Temple with RasmanchaYesY
  2. Ghutgoria
    1. Radha Damodar templeYesY
  3. Kadasol
    1. Pancha Ratna temple of Ghorui familyYesY
  4. Muktator
    1. Flat roofed Naru Gopal TempleYesY
  5. Saharjora
    1. Nanadalal Ekratna Temple(demolished)NoN
    2. Madanmohan Ekratna Temple (identification could not be eastablished)NoN
    3. Kalachand Pancha Ratna temple(demolished)NoN
  6. Rautkhanda
    1. Pancharatna Shiva temple of De familyYesY
  7. Supur(Joypur Thana)
    1. Ruined RasmanchaYesY
    2. Radhakanta Temple(demolished)NoN
  8. Bhagalpur
    1. Two storied flat roofed Krishna Ray Jiu temple YesY
    2. Jain Tirthankar and other stone idols at Sashthitala YesY
  9. Jibta
    1. Damodar temple of Sadgop Ray familyYesY
  10. Sihar
    1. Shantinath Shiva TempleYesY
  11. Boital
    1. Shyamchand templeYesY
  12. Simplapal
    1. Balaramjiu Aatchala temple complexYesY
  13. Vikrampur
    1. Sikhar deul temple with jagamohan YesY
  14. Rajagram(Joypur Thana)
    1. Giri Govardhan Temple of Raha familyYesY
    2. Seventeen pinnacled Rasmancha of Raha familyYesY

Financial Report[edit]

Purpose Particulars Date Price (INR) Receipt Remarks
Train Cost HWH PRR SUF Express 01.12.2021 430.75 Yes
Train Cost PRR HWH SUF Express 04.12.2021 430.75 Yes
Uber cost Home to Howrah 01.12.2021 179.42 Yes
Taxi cost Howrah to home 04.12.2021 150 No
Accomodation Cost Hotel Annapurna 01.12.2021 to 04.12.2021 7239 Yes
Car cost Dilip Dutta - Transport Operator 04.12.2021 7000 Yes
Hotel Annapurna Dinner cost (01.12.21 to 3.12.2021) 04.12.2021 1482 yes
Lunch Tripti Hotel & Restaurant 02.12.2021 538 Yes
Lunch Roadside eatery 03.12.2021 350 yes
Petrol cost Greenlands Garia 15.01.2022 630 yes
Lunch Banalata 16.01.2022 618 yes
Total 19047.92