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Wiki Explores Purba Bardhaman - Phase IV

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Purba Bardhaman district

Wiki Explores Purba Bardhaman - Phase IV is a three day event to further document some areas of district of Purba Bardhaman, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to do further photo-documentation of the various heritage structures in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons.


  1. Photograph heritage sites around Saktigarh, Bhatar, Ausgram and Rayna area of Purba Bardhaman district.
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Purba Bardhaman in Commons.
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata


Date: 17th November to 19th November 2022


Amitabha Gupta (talk) 15:19, 16th November 2022 (UTC)


  • Day 0 - 16th November 2022 (Wednesday) - Depart from Kolkata by Agniveena Express for Bardhaman town. Check into Hotel. Night stay at Bardhaman town.
  • Day 1 - 17th November 2022 (Thursday) Cover Saktigarh and Rayna side places in a rented car. Night stay at Bardhaman town.
  • Day 2 - 18th November 2022 (Friday) Cover Ausgram and Bhatar Side places in a rented car. Night stay at Bardhaman town.
  • Day 3 - 19th November 2022 (Saturday) Cover Ausgram Side places in a rented car. Leave in the afternoon from Bardhaman town by Hool Express.

Places to be covered[edit]

[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

Saktigarh Area[edit]

  • Baikunthapur
  1. Kirtiswara Shiva Aatchala templeYesY
  • Bamunpara
  1. Pancharatna temple of De familyYesY
  • Amrah
  1. Rameshwar Shiva templeYesY
  • Hatgobindapur
  1. Ashtanayika Durga templeYesY
  • Suhari
  1. Lakshmi Janardan templeYesY
  2. Raja RajesvaraYesY
  3. ShivaYesY
  • Saktigarh
  1. Pancha Ratna Shiva temple of Adhikari familyYesY
  2. Kali temple of Adhikari familyYesY
  • Bhaita
  1. Madangopal temple, BhaitaYesY

Rayna Area[edit]

  • Bara Bainan
  1. Panacha Ratna Temple of Ghosh family (demolished) NoN
  2. Narayana Temple Dutta family (renovated beyond recognition)NoN
  3. Vishnu Aatchala temple of Pan family (renovated beyond recognition)NoN
  4. Aatchala temple adjacant to Satsanag ViharYesY
  • Gotan NoN
  • Balagarh NoN
  • Rayna
  1. Jora Shiva TempleYesY
  • Shyamsundar
  1. Shyamsundar temple complexYesY
  2. Dolmancha of RadhaballabhjiuYesY

Ausgram and Bhatar area[edit]

  • Kayrapur
  1. Deul style Devi templeYesY
  • Ambona
  1. Ruined Rekha DeulYesY
  • Khatnagar
  1. Lakshmi Narayan temple of Ray familyYesY
  2. Shiva temple of Ray familyYesY
  • Devpur
  1. Ruined Dalan templeYesY
  • Nasigram
  1. Baro Gopinath temple complexYesY
  • Bamunara
  1. Pancharatna temple of De familyYesY

Financial Report[edit]

Financial Report
Purpose Particulars Date Price (INR) Receipt Remarks
Train Cost (Going) Agnivina Express (12341) 16-11-22 350.75 Yes
Train Cost (Returning) Hool Express 19-11-22 350.75 Yes
Uber cost Home to Howrah Station 16-11-22 208.11 Yes
Taxi cost Howarh Station to Home 19-11-22 160.00 No
Accomodation Cost The Bless Inn, Bardhaman Town 16-11-22 to 19-11-22 7056.00 Yes
Car Cost Sonam Tour & Travels 16-11-22 to 19-11-22 11600.00 Yes
Snacks and Dinner The Second Wife, Bardhaman Town 16-11-22 to 19-11-22 1552.00 yes
Lunch Joy Maa Kali Hindu Hotel, Orgram 18-11-22 1140 Yes
Lunch Sare Solo Ana, Bardhaman Town 19-11-22 515.00 Yes
TOTAL COST 22932.61