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Wiki Explores Paschim Medinipur - Phase I

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Paschim Medinipur district

Wiki Explores Paschim Medinipur - Phase I is a five day event to document some areas of district of Paschim Medinipur, West Bengal, India. The objective of this event is to photo-document the various heritage structures which consists of mostly terracotta and laterite built temples in the said area most of which have less or no presence in Wikimedia commons. This is the first phase of documenting heritage monuments at Paschim Medinipur.


  1. Photograph heritage sites near towns of 1. Kharagpur 2. Chandrakona 3. Kshirpai 4. Ghatal 5. Daspur 6. Panshkura 7. Debra Done
  2. Upload media for the heritage structures of Paschim Medinipur in Commons Done
  3. Create / Update articles about the heritage structures in Bengali and English Wikipedia Doing...
  4. Create / Update items in Wikidata Doing...}


Date: 3rd to 7th December, 2019


Amitabha Gupta (talk) 01:41, 02 December 2019 (UTC)[reply]


  • 02.12.2019(Monday) - Depart from Howrah to Kharagpur by train (Non AC Reserved train) in the evening. Overnight at hotel in Kharagpur.YesY
  • 03.12.2019(Tuesday) - Full day photo documentation of areas in Kharagpur and places in and around Chandrakona Town. Overnight at hotel in Chandrakona RoadYesY
  • 04.12.2019(Wednesday)- Full day photo documentation of areas around Chandrakona Town. Overnight at hotel in Chandrakona RoadYesY
  • 05.12.2019(Thursday)- Full day photo documentation of areas around Kshirpai and Ghatal. Overnight at hotel in GhatalYesY
  • 06.12.2019(Friday) - Full day photo documentation of areas around Daspur, Narajole and Panskura. Overnight at hotel in PanskuraYesY
  • 07.12.2019(Saturday) - Full day photo documentation of areas around Panskura and Debra. Return from Kharagpur by train to Howrah (AC Reserved train) in the evening.YesY

Places to be covered[edit]

[Note: Some places outside the sub-division will also be covered]

  1. Temple of Dakshinakali at Malancha YesY
  2. Nandeswar Temple, Malancha YesY
  3. Kharageswar Shiva, KharagpurNoN
  4. Temple of Dandeswar at KarnagarhYesY
  5. Temple of Mahamaya at KarnagarhYesY
  6. Abandoned Jor Bangla temple in Dakshinbazar, ChandrakonaYesY
  7. Santinath Siva temple at Mitrasenpur, ChandrakonaYesY
  8. Anantadeva Dalan temple in MitrasenpurYesY
  9. Radha Ballabha Dalan temple in Mitrasenpur NoN
  10. Raghunathbari Temples at ChandrakonaYesY
  11. Parbatinath Temple, Chandrakona (Reconstructed like a new temple.Previously photographed) YesY
  12. Santinath Siva temple at Illambazar, ChandrakonaYesY
  13. Radha Govinda temple in Ilambazar, ChandrakonaYesY
  14. Malleshwar Shiva Temples at Malleswarpur, ChandrakonaYesY
  15. Radharasikraya temple in Lalbazar, ChandrakonaYesY
  16. Rasmancha of Radharasikraya temple, ChandrakonaYesY
  17. Dadhi Bamana in Gobindapur, ChandrakonaYesY
  18. Jagannatha Dalan temple in Gosaibazar, ChandrakonaYesY
  19. Sitala Dalan temple in Gosaibazar, ChandrakonaYesY
  20. Umapati Siva temple at Gangadaspur, ChandrakonaYesY
  21. Shyamchandrajiu temple at Jayantipur,ChandrakonaYesY
  22. Radha Rasiknagarjiu temple in Gosaipara, Jayantipur at ChandrakonaYesY
  23. Abandoned Pancha Ratna temple in Natunhat, RamjibanpurNoN
  24. Buro Siva At Chala temple in Natunhat,RamjibanpurYesY
  25. Pancha Ratna Bishnu temple of Sil family at Ramjibanpur, ChandrakonaNoN
  26. Parvatinath At Chala Temple in Puratanhat Ramjibanpur, Chandrakona (old structure collapsed, new temple constructed)YesY
  27. Pancha Ratna Damodar temple, Ramjibanpur,ChandrakonaYesY
  28. Gopimohanjiu Pancha Ratna temple at Baikunthapur, ChandrakonaYesY
  29. Radha Damodara Nabaratna Temple, Alui at GhatalYesY
  30. Three Atachala Siva temples at Alui at GhatalYesY
  31. Sridhara Nabartana temple in Uttarpara at Alui , GhatalYesY
  32. Sridharjiu Panchartana temple on Dalan Ishwarpur, GhatalYesY
  33. Sita Rama's Tero Ratna temple, Kharar, GhatalYesY
  34. Narayana Nava Ratna temple in Raypara, Kharar, GhatalYesY
  35. Singhabahini Char Chala temple with Jagamohan in Konnagar- Kamarpara, GhatalYesY
  36. Brindaban Chandra Nabaratna temple in Konnagar-Gosainpara, GhatalYesY
  37. Dolmancha/ Tulsimancha in Gambhiranagar,GhatalYesY
  38. Sitala flat roofed temple at Gholsai, GhatalYesY
  39. Sridharjiu Pancharatna temple at Chauli, GhatalYesY
  40. Buro Siva Atachala temple at Chauli, GhatalYesY
  41. Buro Siva Baro Chala temple at Jalsara, GhatalYesY
  42. Seventeen Turrets Rasmancha at Lachhipur, GhatalYesY
  43. Sridharjiu Nabaratna at Lachhipur, GhatalYesY
  44. Raghunatha Pancha Ratna Laterite / Stone temple at Radhanagar, GhatalYesY
  45. Gopal Pancha Ratna temple at Nabagram, Ghatal (oldest pancha ratna)YesY
  46. Sridhara two floored flat roof temple at Katan, GhatalNoN
  47. Radha Damodar Temple at Malpara, KshirpaiYesY
  48. Khagaresvar Shiva, KshirpaiYesY
  49. SitalaNanda Shiva, KshirpaiYesY
  50. Sitala’s Dalan Temple at Marotala, KshirpaiNoN
  51. Choudhuri Temple at Gayenpara , KshirpaiNoN
  52. Sridharjiu Pacharatna temple at Kotalpur, DaspurYesY
  53. Rasmancha of Sridhara temple at Kotalpur, DaspurYesY
  54. Raghunath Nabaratna temple at Ranapur, DaspurYesY
  55. Gopinath Ekratna temple, Daspur(Previously photographed)YesY
  56. Lakshmi Janardan temple, Daspur(Previously photographed)YesY
  57. Radhagobinda Pancha ratna at Dihibaliharpur (Previously photographed)YesY
  58. Genriburi Ekratna, BaliharpurYesY
  59. Ekratna Gopinath temple at RadhakantapurYesY
  60. Shyamasundara Pancha Ratna at RadhakantapurYesY
  61. Dadhi Bamna Pancha Ratna at RadhakantapurYesY
  62. Khipteswari Atchala Temple at Kheput,DaspurYesY
  63. Rajrajesvara Nabaratna temple at Chaipat, DaspurYesY
  64. Dandesvara Siva temple in Bazarpara, Kheput, DaspurNoN
  65. Lakhsmi Janardan Nabaratna, Ajuria, DaspurYesY
  66. Radha Govinda Pancha Ratna at Chechua Gobindanagar, DaspurYesY
  67. Shyama Sundara Pancha Ratna Temple at Saulan, DaspurYesY
  68. Mrityunjoy Aatchala Siva temple at Sridharpur, DaspurNoN
  69. Sridhara temple at Palashpai, DaspurYesY
  70. Lakshmi Janardan in Uttarpara, DaspurYesY
  71. Rasmancha of Sridharjiu in Dakshinpara, Goura, Daspur YesY
  72. Hatnagar Siva At Chala temple in Pubpara, Goura, Daspur YesY
  73. Lakshmi Janardan in Uttarpara, Goura, DaspurYesY
  74. Madana Mohana Temple at Kismat Narajol, Daspur NoN
  75. Rasmancha and Dolmancha of Madan Mohan at Kismat Narajol, DaspurNoN
  76. Nava Ratna Govinda Jiu Temple, Nij Narajol, DaspurYesY
  77. Pancha Ratna Jay Durga Temple, Nij Narajol, DaspurNoN
  78. Rajbari Durga Dalan , Nij Narajol, Daspur(Previously photographed)YesY
  79. Group of Aat Chala Shiv Temple, Rajbari, Nij Narajol, Daspur(Previously photographed)YesY
  80. Narajole Rajbari, Nij Narajol, Daspur(Previously photographed)YesY
  81. Hawa Mahal, Nij Narajol, Daspur(previously taken)YesY
  82. Jalahari structure, LankarGarh, Daspur(Previously photographed)YesY
  83. Deul Samadhi of Raja Mohnlal Kahn, LankagarhNoN
  84. Radha Binode Temple at Purba Gopalpur,Panskura(Previously photographed)YesY
  85. Ramananda Goswami Samadhi Deul Temple, Erapur, PanskuraNoN
  86. Dadhi Bamana Nava Ratna at Harekrishnapur, PanskuraNoN
  87. Lakshmi Janradan Temple at Kantaboni, PanskuraNoN
  88. Pancha Ratna Radha Gobinda Temple at Dakhsin Moindaol, PanskuraYesY
  89. Char Chala Samadhi Mandir at Dakhsin Moindaol, PanskuraYesY
  90. Sitaramjiu Pancha Ratna temple at Amodpur, DebraNoN
  91. Raghunath Pancha Ratna Temple at Amodpur, DebraNoN
  92. Raghunath Pancha Ratna Temple at Loada, DebraYesY
  93. Shikhar Deul of Radhagobinda Jiu temple at Loada, DebraYesY
  94. Abandoned Deul temple at Loada, DebraYesY
  95. Rameswar Siva Deul Temple at Chak Bajit, DebraYesY
  96. Sridharjiu Deul at Chak Bajit, DebraYesY
  97. Dolmancha at Chak Bajit, DebraYesY
  98. Satyeshwar Shikhar Deul temple at Satyapur Marhtala, DebraYesY
  99. Sitalananda Nava Ratna temple at Satyapur Marhtala, DebraYesY
  100. Nava Ratna Rasmancha at Satyapur Marhtala, DebraYesY
  101. Simhavahini Pancha Ratna Temple at Paikpari, DebraYesY
  102. Ruined Jor Bangla Temple at Paikpari, DebraYesY

Financial Report[edit]

Date Particulars Details Amount (Rs) Remarks
02.12.2019 Train from Howrah to Mecheda Sri Jagannath Express 150.00 Train Ticket provided
Snacks & Tea in train 50.00 No Bill
Toto fare to hotel 100.00 No Bill
Dinner cost Karunamoyee Hotel & Restaurant 260.00 Bill Provided
Hotel Charges Jayanti Loke Lodge 700.00 Bill Provided
03.12.2019 -04.12.2019 Breakfast on 03.12-04.12.2019 180.00 No Bill
Hotel fare and Dinner (03-04.12.2019) Gitanjali Lodge & Hotel 2483.00 Bill Provided
Lunch (03.12.2019) Local Pise Hotel 165.00 Bill Provided
Lunch (04.12.2019) Hotel Bandhab 240.00 Bill Provided
Incidental Expenses 100.00 No Bill
05.12.2019 Breakfast 100.00 No Bill
Lunch Kander Hotel & Restaurant 270.00 Bill Provided
Dinner Kander Hotel & Restaurant 138.00 Bill Provided
Hotel Charges Shilaboti Hotel & Lodge 700.00 Bill Provided
Snacks 67.00 Bill Provided
06.12.2020 Breakfast Village Tea Stall 82.00 Bill Provided
Room Rent & Dinner Roy Guest House 2055.00 Bill Provided
Incidental expenses at hotel 120.00 No Bill
07.12.2020 Breakfast 65.00 No Bill
Lunch Heritage restaurant 586.00 Bill Provided
Car Rental Ghosh Car Service 12,500.00 Bill Provided
Train from Mecheda to Howrah BBN Janashtabadi 320.00 Bill Provided

Tour Comment[edit]

  1. Paschim Medinipur district is a vast area to document. The heritage monuments are located in the interior of the villages, which are at times difficult to navigate. Some of the residents are not very keen to have the monuments documented at most of the places and at times hostile. A few are helpful but most want Government to take initiative to conserve.
  2. I had a friend of mine accompanying me in this tour, who went paying his own train fare. He was helpful in handling the locals which made it easy for me to document the monuments. In future I will require a professional to do the same as I cannot always get friends accompanying me in the remote areas for 5 days.
  3. Some on Paschim Medinipur district's heritage spots were included in Purba Medinipur exploration programme to make it easy to handle such a vast district.