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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Athyma asura asura
(Himalayan Studded Sergeant)

Athyma cama cama
(Himalayan Orange Staff Sergeant)

Athyma nefte inara
(Himalayan Colour Sergeant)

Athyma jina jina
(Sullied Bhutan Sergeant)

Athyma kanwa phorkys
(Northern Dot-dash Sergeant)

Athyma opalina opalina
(Himalayan Hill Sergeant)

Athyma orientalis
(Elongated Sergeant)

Athyma perius perius
(Oriental Common Sergeant)

Athyma pravara acutipennis
(Assam Unbroken Sergeant)

Athyma ranga ranga
(Himalayan Blackvein Sergeant)

Athyma selenophora bahula
(Sylhet Staff Sergeant)

Athyma selenophora selenophora
(West Himalayan Staff Sergeant)

Athyma whitei
(Blue-bordered Sergeant)

Athyma zeroca zeroca
(Khasi Small Staff Sergeant)

Auzakia danava danava
(Indian Commodore)

Euthalia durga durga
(Himalayan Blue Duke)

Bassarona teuta teuta

Dophla evelina derma
(Himalayan Redspot Duke)

Euthalia aconthea garuda
(Northern Baron)

Euthalia alpheda jama
(Himalayan Streaked Baron)

Euthalia anosia anosia
(Assam Grey Baron)

Euthalia franciae franciae
(Himalayan French Duke)

Euthalia lubentina lubentina
(Chinese Gaudy Baron)

Euthalia monina kesava
(Assam Powdered Baron)

Euthalia nais

Euthalia nara nara
(Himalayan Bronze Duke)

Euthalia phemius phemius
(Sylhet White-edged Blue Baron)

Euthalia sahadeva sahadeva
(Chinese Green Duke)

Euthalia telchinia
(Blue Baron)

Neptis pseudovikasi
(False Dingy Sailer)

Lexias cyanipardus cyanipardus
(Sylhet Great Archduke)

Lexias dirtea khasiana
(Khasi Dark Archduke)

Moduza procris procris
(Oriental Commander)

Neptis ananta ochracea
(East Himalayan Yellow Sailer)

Neptis cartica cartica
(Himalayan Plain Sailer)

Neptis clinia susruta
(Himalayan Sullied Sailer)

Neptis harita harita
(Bengal Dingiest Sailer)

Neptis hylas varmona
(Indian Common Sailer)

Neptis jumbah jumbah
(Bengal Chestnut-streaked Sailer)

Neptis magadha khasiana
(Khasi Spotted Sailer)

(West Himalayan Sailer)

Neptis miah miah
(East Himalayan Small Yellow Sailer)

Neptis namba namba
(Indian Namba Sailer)

Neptis nashona nashona
(Khasi Less Rich Sailer)

Neptis nata adipala
(Khasi Clear Sailer)

(Sikkim Hockeystick Sailer)

Neptis palnica
(Palni Sailer)

Neptis philyra

Neptis radha radha
(Great Yellow Sailer)

Neptis sappho astola
(Himalayan Rusty Sailer)

Neptis soma soma
(Sylhet Creamy Sailer)

Neptis zaida bhutanica
(Pale Green Sailer)

Pantoporia hordonia hordonia
(Oriental Common Lascar)

Pantoporia paraka paraka
(Oriental Perak Lascar)

Parthenos sylvia gambrisius
(Bengal Clipper)

Sumalia daraxa daraxa
(Sylhet Green Commodore)

Sumalia zulema
(Scarce White Commodore)

Tanaecia jahnu jahnu
(Darjeeling Plain Earl)

Tanaecia julii appiades
(Changeable Common Earl)

Tanaecia lepidea lepidea
(Himalayan Grey Count)

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