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Wiki Loves Butterfly/List of butterflies/Papilionidae/Papilioninae

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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Atrophaneura varuna astorion
(Sylhet Common Batwing)

Byasa plutonius pembertoni
(Himalayan Pink-spotted Windmill)

Atrophaneura polyeuctes polyeuctes
(Sylhet Common Windmill)

Graphium agamemnon agamemnon
(Oriental Tailed Jay)

Graphium agetes agetes
(Assam Four-bar Swordtail)

Graphium antiphates pompilius
(Indo-Chinese Five-bar Swordtail)

Graphium aristeus anticrates
(Assam Chain Swordtail)

Graphium chironides chironides
(Darjeeling Veined Jay)

Graphium cloanthus cloanthus
(Himalayan Glassy Bluebottle)

Graphium doson axionides
(Himalayan Common Jay)

Graphium eurous sikkimica

Graphium eurypylus acheron
(Indo-Chinese Great Jay)

Graphium macareus indicus
(East Himalayan Lesser Zebra)

Graphium mandarinus
(Spectacle Swordtail)

Graphium nomius nomius
(Indian Spot Swordtail)

Graphium sarpedon sarpedon
(Oriental Common Bluebottle)

Graphium xenocles phrontis
(East Himalayan Great Zebra)

Lamproptera curius curius
(Thai White Dragontail)

Lamproptera meges indistincta
(Indistinct Green Dragontail)

Meandrusa lachinus lachinus
(Himalayan Brown Gorgon)

Meandrusa payeni evan
(Sikkim Yellow Gorgon)

(Indian Common Rose)

Papilio agestor agestor
(Nepalese Tawny Mime)

Papilio alcmenor alcmenor
(Khasi Redbreast)

Papilio arcturus
(Blue Peacock)

Papilio bianor ganesa
(East Himalayan Common Peacock)

(Himalayan Tailed Redbreast)

Papilio castor castor
(Patkai Common Raven)

Papilio castor polias
(Himalayan Common Raven)

Papilio clytia clytia
(Oriental Common Mime)

Papilio crino
(Common Banded Peacock)

Papilio demoleus demoleus
(Northern Lime Swallowtail)

Papilio epycides epycides
(Himalayan Lesser Mime)

Papilio helenus helenus
(Oriental Red Helen)

Papilio krishna krishna
(Himalayan Krishna Peacock)

Papilio memnon agenor
(Continental Great Mormon)

Papilio nephelus chaon
(Khasi Yellow Helen)

Papilio noblei

Papilio paradoxa telearchus
(Khasi Great Blue Mime)

Papilio paris paris
(Chinese Paris Peacock)

Papilio polymnestor polymnestor
(Indian Blue Mormon)

Papilio polytes romulus
(Indian Common Mormon)

Papilio protenor euprotenor
(Himalayan Spangle)

Teinopalpus imperialis imperialis
(Himalayan Kaiser-i-Hind)

Troides aeacus aeacus
(Khasi Golden Birdwing)

Troides helena cerberus
(Khasi Common Birdwing)

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