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Wiki Loves Butterfly/List of butterflies/Pieridae/Pierinae

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Name mating egg caterpillar pupa adult ventral adult dorsal
Aporia agathon agathon
(Nepalese Great Blackvein)

Appias albina darada
(Sylhet Common Albatross)

Appias galba
(Indian Orange Albatross)

Appias indra indra
(Himalayan Plain Puffin)

Appias lalage lalage
(Himalayan Spot Puffin)

Appias libythea
(Western Striped Albatross)

Appias lyncida eleonora
(Indo-Chinese Chocolate Albatross)

Appias olferna
(Eastern striped albatross)

Appias olferna olferna
(Eastern Striped Albatross)

Belenois aurota aurota
(Indian Pioneer)

Cepora nadina nadina
(Khasi Lesser Gull)

Cepora nerissa nerissa
(Chinese Common Gull)

Colotis amata modesta
(Modest Small Salmon Arab)

Delias acalis pyramus
(Himalayan Redbreast Jezebel)

Delias agostina agostina
(Sikkim Yellow Jezebel)

Delias belladonna ithiela
(Sikkim Hill Jezebel)

Delias berinda berinda
(Patkai Dark Jezebel)

Delias descombesi descombesi
(Vietnamese Red-spot Jezebel)

Delias eucharis
(Common Jezebel)

Delias hyparete indica
(Indian Painted Jezebel)

Delias pasithoe pasithoe
(Chinese Red-base Jezebel)

Delias sanaca bhutya
(Eastern Himalayan Pale Jezebel)

Hebomoia glaucippe glaucippe
(Oriental Great Orange-tip)

Ixias pyrene familiaris
(East Himalayan Yellow Orange-tip)

Leptosia nina nina
(Oriental Psyche)

Pareronia avatar
(Pale Wanderer)

Pareronia hippia
(Indian Wanderer)

Pieris canidia indica
(Indian Cabbage White)

Pieris melete ajaka
(Himalayan Green-veined White)

Pieris naganum
(Naga White
Plain Cabbage White)

Pontia daplidice moorei
(Himalayan Bath White)

Prioneris philonome clemanthe
(Myanmarese Redspot Sawtooth)

Prioneris thestylis thestylis
(Himalayan Spotted Sawtooth)

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