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This list is for informational purposes only. Confirmed participants must register before 00:00 UTC March 20.


Two representatives for each chapter/affiliation/group can attend the conference, plus a staff member. Please strive to send at least one representative who didn't attend the Wikimedia Conference before. Italics denote chapters which still didn't receive formal recognition.

Note: This page is for informational purposes only.

Chapter Name Contact Person Representative 1 Representative 2 Staff WCA Council Member Comments
Icons-flag-am.png Wikimedia Armenia Susanna Mkrtchyan Susanna Mkrtchyan Vacio
Icons-flag-ar.png Wikimedia Argentina Osmar Valdebenito Galileo Vidoni (President) Osmar Valdebenito (Executive Director)
Icons-flag-at.png Wikimedia Österreich Claudia Garad Kurt Kulac Andrea Kareth Claudia Garad Manuel Schneider
Icons-flag-au.png Wikimedia Australia
Icons-flag-bd.png Wikimedia Bangladesh Tanvir Rahman Tanvir Rahman Shabab Mustafa As both WMBD representatives couldn't
make the journey over visa issue,
no representatives from their side will
be present at the conference.
Icons-flag-be.png Wikimedia Belgium
Icons-flag-bo.png Wikimedia Bolivia
Icons-flag-br.png Wikimedia Brasil Castelobranco Feen (volunteer) Castelobranco (volunteer)
Icons-flag-ca.png Wikimedia Canada Benoit Rochon Benoit Rochon
(Board Member)
Board decision, 2013-02-25
Icons-flag-ch.png Wikimedia CH Charles Andrès Charles Andrès (President) Gabriel Thullen (Board Member) Chantal Ebongué Charles Andrès
Icons-flag-cl.png Wikimedia Chile Eduardo Testart Eduardo Testart (President) Marco Correa (Board Member)
Icons-flag-cz.png Wikimedia Česká republika Aktron Aktron Vojtech.dostal
Icons-flag-de.png Wikimedia Deutschland Martin Rulsch Martin Rulsch Delphine Ménard Nicole Ebber Markus Glaser (other board and staff members
will be there for dedicated meetings;
not the whole conference)
Icons-flag-dk.png Wikimedia Danmark Simon Simon
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia District of Columbia Kirill Lokshin Kirill Lokshin (Secretary) James Hare (Treasurer)
Icons-flag-ee.png Wikimedia Eesti Raul Veede Raul Veede Eva Lepik Raul Veede
Icons-flag-es.png Wikimedia España Santiago Navarro Santiago Navarro Miguel García Santiago Navarro Members decision
Icons-flag-fi.png Wikimedia Suomi Niklas Laxström Susanna Ånäs Niklas Laxström Board decision, 2013-02-26.
Icons-flag-fr.png Wikimédia France Christophe Henner Pierre-Selim Huard
Icons-flag-uk.png Wikimedia UK Chris Keating Fae Chris Keating Jon Davies Fae
Icons-flag-hk.png Wikimedia Hong Kong Jeromy-Yu Chan Jeromy-Yu Chan Kris Cheng
Icons-flag-hu.png Wikimédia Magyarország Balázs Viczián Balázs Viczián (Executive Director) Kalman Hajdu Andrea Tóth
Icons-flag-id.png Wikimedia Indonesia Revo Arka Giri Soekatno
Icons-flag-il.png Wikimedia Israel Itzik Edri Itzik Edri Shani Evenstein Dorit Shafir Dyamant (ED)
Icons-flag-in.png Wikimedia India Karthik Nadar Karthik Nadar (Secretary) Pranav Curumsey (Board Member) Karthik Nadar Board decision, 24 February 2013
Icons-flag-it.png Wikimedia Italia Host chapter
Icons-flag-kz.png Wikimedia Kazakhstan
Icons-flag-ke.png Wikimedia Kenya
Icons-flag-mk.png Wikimedia Macedonia User:brest User:brest Kiril Simeonovski Board decision, 5 March 2013
Icons-flag-mo.png Wikimedia Macau
Icons-flag-mx.png Wikimedia México Iván Martínez Iván Martínez Salvador Alcántar
Icons-flag-nl.png Wikimedia Nederland Ziko van Dijk Ziko van Dijk (Chair) Ad Huikeshoven (treasurer) Sandra Rientjes (Director) Ziko van Dijk
Icons-flag-np.png Wikimedia Nepal Ganesh K. Paudel Ganesh K. Paudel
Icons-flag-no.png Wikimedia Norge
Icons-flag-us.png Wikimedia New York City Richard Knipel Richard Knipel
Icons-flag-ph.png Wikimedia Philippines Relly Bautista Relly Bautista (Secretary) ¹
Josh Lim (Trustee) ²
Frederick Calica ¹ [1] As decided during the WMPH Board
of Trustees Meeting last 2013-01-27.
[2] Josh was a last minute replacement
as decided by the WMPH board.
Icons-flag-pl.png Wikimedia Polska Tomasz Ganicz (President) Michał Buczyński (Vice President) Maciej Król (Member of the Board) Michał Buczyński See: [1]
Icons-flag-pt.png Wikimedia Portugal GoEThe
Icons-flag-ru.png Wikimedia Russia Vladimir Medeyko (DrBug) Stanislav Kozlovskiy (Ctac) Vladimir Medeyko (DrBug)
Icons-flag-sk.png Wikimedia Slovakia Michal Matúšov Michal Matúšov (president) Peter Orság (volunteer)
Icons-flag-rs.png Wikimedia Serbia Filip Maljković Filip Maljković Goran Obradović Mile Kiš
Icons-flag-se.png Wikimedia Sverige Jan Ainali Mattias Blomgren (Chairman) Bengt Oberger (Board Member) Jan Ainali (CEO)
Icons-flag-tw.png Wikimedia Taiwan Htchien Dennis Chen
Icons-flag-ua.png Wikimedia Ukraine Yuri Perohanych Andriy Bondarenko
Dep. Head of the Board (Secretary)
Nataliya Tymkiv
Dep. Head of the Board (Treasurer)
Andriy Bondarenko Resolution of WMUA BOARD
Icons-flag-ve.png Wikimedia Venezuela Fhaidel Domínguez (Spokesperson) Oscar Costero (President) Carlos Manuel Colina (Vice President)
Icons-flag-za.png Wikimedia South Africa David Richfield Dumisani Ndubane As resolved during 23/02/2013 board meeting

Prospective Affiliates[edit]

Organisation Name Contact Person Representative 1 Representative 2 Comments
Wikimedia CAT (Catalan language and culture) Gomà Gomà Arnaugir
Wikivoyage Association Stefan Fussan Stefan Fussan
WikiProject Med Daniel Mietchen Biosthmors Per talk page discussion
Wiki Education Foundation – United States and Canada Richard Knipel Richard Knipel
Esperanto kaj Libera Scio (Esperanto and Free Knowledge) Ziko van Dijk Michal Matúšov (primary for WMSK)
MediaWiki Group Promotion
MediaWiki Group San Francisco

Affiliations Committee[edit]

FDC Members[edit]

Wikimedia Foundation[edit]

Board of Trustees
Independent contractor