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Thank you for your interest in the Board of Trustees election. There will be 6 candidates for the Board of Trustees and only 2 available seats. An Election Compass will be available to support the community members in making decisions in the selection process. In many countries of the world during election campaigns so-called “Voting Advice Applications" (or “Election Compasses") are quite common to supporters voters in choosing a candidate (or party) to vote during election campaigns. Thanks to an open source project called "Open Election Compass", there will be an Election Compass for this election.

A first prototype of such an Election Compass was used for the 2021 elections for the Movement Charter Drafting Committee.

Common questions on the Election Compass[edit]

How does the Election Compass work?[edit]

Every community member is invited to propose statements within the broader scope of the Board of Trustees. After the period of proposing statements, community members can upvote the statements they see as the most differentiating and therefore helpful to learn from the candidates about them. The Election Committee will choose the final 15 statements.

All 6 running candidates will be asked to position themselves to these statements. Their answers will be then included in the Election Compass. In an easy way, everyone using the tool will be then able to see how they align on main topics of this election.

What does a good statement for the Election Compass look like?[edit]

A good statement is easy to understand, using simple words and short sentences. It should focus on only one topic at a time, be precise, and not be biased in the way it is written. You don’t have to necessarily agree with the statement itself. It should be clear and sharp, so that candidates can position themselves clearly to it. This will help you to understand the differences on relevant topics among the candidates.

How does the Election Compass look like?[edit]

The tool is in the process of being prepared for this election. You can have a look at the edition that was created for the elections to the Movement Charter Drafting Committee in 2021:

It is planned to provide the Election Compass for this Board Election, including all statements, in around 20 languages.

Process and Timeline[edit]

July 8 - 20: Community members are invited to propose statements for the Election Compass
July 21 - 22: Elections Committee reviews statements for clarity and removes any off-topic statements
July 23 - August 3: Community members are invited vote on the statements
August 4: Elections Committee selects the top 15 statements
August 5 - 12: Candidates align themselves with the statements
August 15: The Election Compass opens for voters to use to help guide their voting decision