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This page is a translated version of the page Wiktionary/Tremendous Wiktionary User Group and the translation is 9% complete.

The Tremendous Wiktionary User Group (TWUG) is an official User Group that aims to promote all Wiktionaries in all their potentialities.

This group aims to facilitate communication within communities, develop collaborations, promote Wiktionaries and coordinate technical improvements. Also, it aims to encourage contributors to write proposal for grants to fulfill their needs, mainly to set-up meetup or conferences.


  • External works – an inventory of papers on Wiktionaries, tools and software based on Wiktionary data and collaborations of the community with institutions.
  • Internal communication – share thoughts about the project, interesting policies, educational content, visual material to promote Wiktionaries (banner, leaflet, guides,…) and slides made for talks by the community.
  • Technical improvements – collect thoughts and suggestions for the future of Wiktionaries, mainly on the ongoing project to include lexicographic data in Wikidata and about our needs for the adaptation of VisualEditor to our specific needs.
  • LexiSession – organize shared sessions with Wiktionarians from different communities to improve collectively all projects at the same time.
  • Meetings – organize meetings, meet-ups, conventions, trainings or classes for beginners. Also, offer for wiktionarians to visit institutions or other contributors, in residence or for small projects.
  • Transversal: Attractiveness – publicize Wiktionary's content, increase the linkage with other collaborative projects and with institutions (lexicographers, linguists, editors, …), with two main focus: education and language diversity.

Brief history of the TWUG

A need to gather Wiktionarian contributors emerged in Lyon, in 2015. A local group of contributors, started to communicate about their beloved project, wrote a monthly news page on Wiktionary and organized a monthly meetup focused on Wiktionary. They made a presentation of their path at Wikimania 2016, titled How the French Wiktionary became a grown-up project.

Then, they held an informal meeting about Wiktionary the same day (June 2016), to which 23 people came and formed the foundation for this group. Plenty of goals have been explored during Wikimania 2016 to reinforce Wiktionary in the wikiverse. This page, and the possibility of having a group also have been influenced by Wikisource Community User Group and The Wikinewsie Group. This group have a goal but no precise direction, so feel free to comment on every aspect of this page. Keep in mind that this page is translated into other languages, so be specific when you add or remove something to help translators.

Bliv medlem

This group is open to anyone who contributes to or is fond of Wiktionary. There is no prerequisite to joining.

Discussions will mainly be in Meta and will be translated as much as possible. Some discussions take place via the mailing-list wiktionary-l and some are in Wikimedia Space.


This group aims to be without any hierarchy between contributors. We hope to treat all languages equally, despite the fact that translations will probably be made in too few languages. If this group grows in size, we may consider establishing local liaisons. Decisions, it some may happen, will be taken by a lack of protestation or with a consensus depending on the topic in concern.

Communication with the Wikimedia Foundation

Tremendous affiliates

  1. Noé (fr.wikt)
  2. Delarouvraie (fr.wikt)
  3. Lyokoï (fr.wikt, Commons, WS)
  4. Jberkel (en.wikt, pt.wikt)
  5. psychoslave (fr.wikt, eo.wikt)
  6. Lydia Pintscher (WD)
  7. Daniel Kinzler (WD)
  8. Epantaleo (en.wikt)
  9. Ariel1024 (he.wikt)
  10. Otourly (fr.wikt, fr.WP, Commons, fr.WS,...)
  11. VIGNERON (fr.wikt, WS, WD,…)
  12. Shavtay (he.wikt)
  13. TaronjaSatsuma (ca.wikt)
  14. Rodelar (es.WP, WD)
  15. Marcmiquel (ca.wikt)
  16. Xenophôn (fr.WP)
  17. Jitrixis (fr.WP, WD)
  18. Xabier Cañas (eu.wikt)
  19. Nattes à chat (fr.WP)
  20. LaMèreVeille (fr.WP)
  21. GastelEtzwane (fr.WP)
  22. Rich Farmbrough (en.wikt)
  23. Ernest-Mtl (WS)
  24. tpt (WS, WD)
  25. M0tty (fr.WP)
  26. Nemo (it.quote, Meta, twn)
  27. Pamputt (fr.wikt, WD)
  28. Thibaut120094 (fr.wikt)
  29. JackPotte (fr.wikt)
  30. Sebleouf (fr.WP)
  31. Kimdime (fr.WP)
  32. S The Singer (talk) (fr.WP, fr.wikt, de.WP, de.wikt, en.WP, en.wikt, Commons, fr.Wikisource, fr.Wikiquote, and interested in kotava)
  33. Amqui (fr.wikt, fr.wikivoy, fr.wp)
  34. LA2 (en.wikt, ru.wikt, sv.wikt, da.wikt, sv.wikipedia)
  35. Satdeep Gill (pa.wikt, pa.wp, Commons)
  36. Micru (WD, WS)
  37. Vive la Rosière (WT fr-en, WS fr, commons)
  38. Tofeiku (previously Malaysiaboy) (ms.wikt & other languages)
  39. Stalinjeet (pa.wikt, pa.wp, Commons)
  40. Aryamanarora (en.wikt, hi.wikt)
  41. TAKASUGI Shinji (fr.wikt, en.wikt, commons)
  42. Kvardek du (talk) (fr.wikt)
  43. Reda Kerbouche (fr.wikt, shy.wikt, ru.wikt, fr.WP, en.WP, ar.WP)
  44. Great11
  45. Balajijagadesh (talk) (ta.wikt, ta.wikisource)
  46. KuboF Hromoslav (WD, eo.voy, eo.wiki)
  47. Teromakotero (WMFI) (WD, fi.WB)
  48. Info-farmer (talk) (ta.wikt, ta.WS, ta.WP, Commons)
  49. Bodhisattwa (talk) (bn.ws)
  50. Jayprakash (Talk (mediawiki, wikitech)
  51. JogiAsad (sdwiktionary, urWiktionary, enwikt)
  52. Tn4196 (talk) (vec.wikt)
  53. Stephen (en.wikt, nv.WP)
  54. J ansari (Talk) (en.wikt, hi.wikt, hi.wiki & other)
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  57. कन्हाई प्रसाद चौरसिया (talk) (hi-wikt)
  58. Rajeeb (talk) (bn-wikt & other Wikimedia projects)
  59. WikiLucas00 (fr.wikt, commons, lingualibre)
  60. signed ~Em-em talk (ha-wikt & other Wikimedia projects)
  61. Vis M (talk) (ml.wikt, en.wikt, WD LD lexemes)