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Sort claims of a property by date

  • Problem: Currently Wikidata do not sort claims of a property and it could cause terrible mess. Many templates on a lot of Wikipedias load their parameters from Wikidata, so there are thousands of articles where parameters (e.g. awards) aren't in ordinal scale (but they should be). Fixing is very hard or almost impossible, because the only way to do it is deleting and re-adding every claims.
Two examples:
Sergei Movsesian (Q460020) has more than a thousand ELO rating claims, sorting them without any automatic solution would be impossible.
Hermann Kövess von Kövessháza (Q78544): a person has won an award (A, B, C, D, E) year by year and the Wikidata item looks like this:
  • B (2001)
  • C (2002)
  • D (2003)
  • E (2004)
Now, if I want to add A (2000), I have to delete all of them, put 'A' to the first place and then add the others.
  • Who would benefit: Editors of Wikidata, plus readers of Wikipedias which are using templates loading information from Wikidata.
  • More comments: