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Globalne blokady

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Innych nowych dyskusji i pytań szukaj na stronie dyskusji globalnego zabezpieczania kont.

Globalne blokady to sposób uniemożliwiania kontu lub IP edytowania jakichkolwiek wiki Wikimediów na pewien czas lub bezterminowo.

Global blocks cannot be applied directly to accounts. For the analogous action with accounts, see global locks.

Globalne blokady IP

IP blocking is the only form of global blocking that is technically possible. The GlobalBlocking extension can block an IP address or range (maximum of /16 in IPv4, maximum of /4 in IPv6) from editing all Wikimedia projects except Meta, and is only available to Stewardzi or selected WMF staff in special groups like WMF Support and Safety. These are logged in the Global block log.

Globally blocked IP addresses that cause disruption on Meta are locally blocked.


While exceptions exist, these are the guidelines:

  • Global blocks should only be placed where a combination of page protection, local blocks, and other technical and non-technical measures would be ineffective or inefficient.
  • Global blocks may be placed on IP addresses:
    • Who engage in widespread cross-wiki vandalism, where that cross-wiki vandalism would currently require the intervention of stewards (as opposed to allowing local communities to manage the vandalism).
    • Who engage in cross-wiki spamming, where the user shows clear disregard for external link policies of the respective wikis.
    • Who are otherwise blatantly disrupting multiple projects, and the local communities of those projects are unable to effectively manage the behaviour. This is not intended to cover "trolling" or similar behaviour.
    • Which are open proxies being used abusively on multiple projects such as spamming links or forum spamming, and which are not being extensively used for legitimate purposes.
  • Global blocks should be placed with the lowest expiry possible, while still remaining effective. All global blocks should have an expiry (none should be indefinite).
  • Global blocks should, wherever practicable and sensible, be placed with the anonymous only flag on. Remember that even in this case, account creation from the blocked address(es) is prevented.
  • Blokady globalne odbierają możliwość edytowania swojej strony dyskusji.


Konta "globalnie zwolnione z blokad IP" są wyłączone z tych globalnych blokad. Wciąż podlegają blokadom IP i zakresów IP wykonanym lokalnie na poszczególnych wiki. Aby złożyć wniosek o globalne zwolnienie z blokad IP, zobacz Steward requests/Global permissions.

Lokalne odblokowanie

Global IP blocks can be locally unblocked on specific wikis by any sysops on that wiki (Special:GlobalBlockWhitelist). Similarly, user accounts can be unblocked where they are caught within an IP block, such blocks can be overridden on the local wiki by granting a local IP block exemption (Special:UserRights).

Decyzje o globalnych blokadach

Ta sekcja jest szkicem.

Requests or appeals should be made on the Global [un]block and [un]lock requests page or the Unblock Ticket Request System.

A global ban should be discussed in its own RFC and mentioned widely on meta, and on all communities where the user is active in the local language. Notice should be given, at a minimum, wherever local bans are discussed – or on the village pump if no local process exists.

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