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Konsultimet mbi ngacmimet 2015

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This page is a translated version of the page Harassment consultation 2015 and the translation is 13% complete.

Çështjet mbi ngacmimin dhe mirësjelljen janë një shqetësim në rritje në komunitetet e bazuara në internet, dhe pa rërjashtuar projektet e Wikimedia-s. Komunitetet e Wikimedia-s kanë hulumtuar me vite zgjidhje për këto çështje në projekte individuale, por ajo është një luftë e vazhdueshme.

This is the first of several planned consultations on this topic, intended to provide a place to discuss ideas, concerns, proposals and possible solutions regarding Wikimedia communities’ harassment-related challenges.

How can you participate?

This is not a space to report specific instances of harassment; those are best reported through the existing channels on your project. You are welcome to make statements about your experiences as long as situations are anonymized. Please do not name other users. Please observe the Friendly Space Expectations when sharing your thoughts or discussing those of others.

What thoughts do you have on the issue of harassment on our projects? Subjects might include:

  • Observations about current approaches on our projects or elsewhere – what works, what doesn't;
  • Potential new or modified solutions or approaches to resolving issues on our projects.
  • Thoughts on the impact, if any, harassment has on Wikimedia projects and contributors.

All thoughts are welcome. We hope, eventually, to craft together actionable movement-wide resources for assisting with these issues.

Community Advocacy, Wikimedia Foundation

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