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Various Wikimedia projects have requirements that content be sourced to published sources, while much knowledge is in oral form and is not recorded nor written down yet. This page is a collection of sources, thoughts and people that are working on making oral knowledge citable in Wikipedia. A focus is on only representing oral knowledge in agreement with the communities involved. The idea derived from a discussion session at Wikimania 2019. This page should serve as a linking of people interested in the topic and a first point of exchange on the topic. Please feel free to contribute to it in any language.


As this page is derived from the previously mentioned discussion, the people currently mainly involved in this project are:


Various universities have oral history programs and projects, for example The Houston History Project of the University of Houston, Chinese American Oral History Project at California State University, Delta State University Oral History, and so on.

Therefore Wikimedia chapters and universities could partner with universities which have the know-how to record oral knowledge (not only oral history but other types as well). Users could propose ideas for oral knowledge projects and the UGs may seek universities who may partner with them.


People interested[edit]

Please add yourself here, if you are working on the topic or are generally interested so that we have a first point to connect people working around oral knowledge in Wikimedia projects.

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