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The Minori-Ties Programme consists of a series of initiatives within the Wiki for Minorities (WfMin) project to promote social and cultural ties between a diaspora (immigrant community) and their country of origin. The term comes from a play on words between minority and ties. Support can be in linguistic matters, where, for example, organizations contribute with technical assistance to improve local content on Wikipedia in the language they speak. Likewise, different institutions can provide material to be photographed or scanned regarding diasporas residing in their respective countries, in order to be uploaded to our work platforms under free licenses.


A series of activities are carried out throughout the year. The Wikipedia projects to work on are Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons, Wikidata, Wiktionary, Wikinews, Wikisource and Wikivoyage.


  • Editathons: Sessions can be online, in-person or hybrid (recommended). It is possible to work on Wikipedia and Wiktionary for these purposes.
  • Visit to a GLAM institution: Users coordinate a visit to see the headquarters of an organization that represents a diaspora or a linguistic minority. In the first instance, authorization is requested to photograph the facilities, and then evaluate the possibility of, in a second step, reaching agreements to make permanent collaborations: residencies in the institution, visits to different activities to photograph or report the content (Wikinews can also play a role).
  • Activities with user and user groups interested in participating to take and upload photographs and multimedia content within their contexts about local minorities, such as photo walks.


Global initiatives[edit]

Local initiatives[edit]

Wikimedian volunteer[edit]


The program is directed for the Americas by user José Ignacio Gallardo from Chile (username Igallards7) and for Europe by user Nikos Likomitros (username Nikos Likomitros) from Greece.


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