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Strategy core team[edit]

The Core Team is responsible for advancing Phase II of the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Process, its operations, logistics, and focus. Their aim is to shape the overall process in a way that supports participation and engagement of the diverse constituents and stakeholders of our movement. This team is made up largely from members of the broader Wikimedia movement, all of whom are working under contract to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Steering Committee[edit]

A volunteer group of community members representing different parts of our movement. The Steering Committee exists to provide guidance to the Strategy Core Team to ensure their proposals and efforts are reflective of the diverse needs of our communities and in the service of the broader Wikimedia movement and vision.

Strategy Liaisons[edit]

Strategy Liaisons are staff members or volunteers appointed by organizations, groups or communities to ensure management of the information flow from the Movement Strategy Process to their respective organization, group or community and vice versa.