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Working Groups

Participants of the Harmonization Sprint in Tunis (September 2019).

The nine Working Groups are at the center of this process, they are the agents of change. Working Group members are analyzing their respective area of the movement, how it could look in 2030 and finalizing their set of guiding questions. The answers to these questions will form the basis of recommendations for structural changes so that we can successfully and strongly advance in our Strategic Direction.

Third phase

The Working Group that will integrate feedback into the recommendations and finalize them is:

Second phase

Working Groups that were actively engaged in Movement Strategy between November 2019 and February 2020:

First phase

Working Groups that participated in Movement Strategy during July 2018 - November 2019:

Strategy 2030 Core Team

The Core Team is responsible for guiding, facilitating and supporting the Wikimedia 2030 process, its operations, logistics, and focus. Their aim is to shape the overall process in a way that supports participation and engagement of the diverse constituents and stakeholders of our movement. This team is made up largely from members of the broader Wikimedia movement, all of whom are working under contract to the Wikimedia Foundation.

Strategy Liaisons

Community Strategy Liaisons are part-time, remote contractors. Their role is to act as a bridge between language communities and the Movement Strategy Process, including the Core Team and the Working Groups.

This role is separate from Organizational Strategy Liaisons, which are volunteers who have a parallel function of liaising between organized groups of which they are a member and the strategy process.

Contributors and Collaborators

The Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy Recommendations were developed via an open, participatory process. Wikimedians from across the world helped create them, whether by joining a working group, offering feedback and insights online, or attending an in-person strategy event to discuss the content. Learn more about the people who contributed to the recommendations.

Steering Committee

A temporary group of community members representing different parts of our movement. The Steering Committee provided guidance to the Core Team during the selection process for Working Group members.