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Wikisoorce is ae Wikimedia waurk tae big ae librie o free texs. Initiallie cried "Project Sourceberg" whan it began in 2003 (a play on the awready endurin non-Wikimedia project wi seemilar goals, Project Gutenberg), it braincht intil subdiveesions fer individual leids bi 2005. Nou Wikisource libries house buiks, novels, essays, histerical documents, poems, letters, speeches n ither documents, sae lang aes thay can be makit available unner the CC-BY-SA apen content license.

The Oreeginal Wikisoorce logo
  • See the monieleidic chert "Wikisoorce – The Free Librie", fer the name o the waurk n its slogan in monie dozens o leids.
  • The Wikisoorce Logo chynged durin the histerie o the waurk. It wis oreeginie ae .jpg eemage (aes seen til the richt), bit is nou aen .svg eemage o the iceberg (aes seen abuin).

The Leet o Wikisoorces

This is ae leet o Wikisoorce leid subdomains. See Wikisoorce:Leids fer ae leet o leids wioot thair ain subdomains; thir ar hoosed at the Monieleidic Wikisoorce.

Alemannic, Bavarian, Rhine Franconian, n North Frisian Wikisoorces

Aen Alemannic Wikisoorce haes been creautit aes ae separate namespace wiin the Alemannic Wikipædia: Alemannischi Textsammlig (Wikisoorce) n siclik, the North Frisian Wikipædia, the Bavarian Wikipedia and the Rhine Franconian Wikipedia hae adaptit ae Wikisoorce waurk aes weel in the Text namespace: Nordfriisk Bibleteek, Boarische Text, Rheifränggische Tegschdsommlung.

Histerical communin

Please see the tauk page.

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