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Wikibrede (projectoverstijdende, 'globale') gebruikerspagina's zijn gebruikerspagina's die op Meta worden vastgelegd en worden toegepast op andere wiki's van Wikimedia. Hiertoe behoren drie pagina's:

  1. Je gebruikerspagina op Meta wordt ook getoond op elk ander Wikimedia-project waar je nog geen lokale gebruikerspagina hebt.
  2. Je global.css bevat stijlen die worden geïmporteerd op elke wiki wanneer je daar ingelogd bent.
  3. Je global.js bevat scripts die worden geladen op elke wiki wanneer je daar ingelogd bent.

Je moet een projectoverstijgend account hebben om deze functies te gebruiken. Lokale accounts die niet verbonden zijn met het projectoverstijgende account zullen de genoemde pagina's niet meekrijgen (zie lijst met wel en niet verbonden accounts).

Global user page, JS script and style sheet are enabled by default, and once these pages are created they will come into effect automatically. For more details about managing and controlling global user pages, scripts and style sheets, see the documentation:

To prevent your Meta-Wiki userpage from appearing globally, you may add the __NOGLOBAL__ magic word, which also determines whether a link to a user page on a remote wiki should be red or blue.

Lokale pagina's verwijderen

Je projectoverstijgende gebruikerspagina's worden niet getoond op specifieke wiki's als je daar al een lokale gebruikerspagina hebt.

Transclusion and wikilinks

This page is displayed as a transclusion of the userpage in Meta in your local wiki. Therefore, if you don't want a particular text to appear globally, you can use <noinclude></noinclude> tag. Also, if you want a text to appear only globally, you can use <includeonly></includeonly> tag.

Wikilinks for your userpage on Meta do not work on another wiki, for example: in User:Example, when you link on User:Example/sandbox, in Wikidata this link would be redirected to d:User:Example/sandbox, not your Meta sandbox. You can bypass this issue by using m:User:Example/sandbox.


Your global user page should not contain content considered inappropriate on projects where it will be displayed (see help about user pages for more information, and for interwiki links to language help pages).


While you can't translate your user page automatically into the local content language, you can translate it into the reader's user interface language. For example, this adds a user language box, and a sentence translated into either German or English:

 |de=Willkommen auf meiner Benutzerseite!
 |en=Welcome to my user page!
 |#default=Welcome to my user page!

The text in any language can be any number of lines, but every language can only occur once inside the #switch-block. The #default-block must not be missed, as it is the fallback for all possible languages, that are not explicitly mentioned.

You can see a more complex example.

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