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Wikicamp is a project of Shared Knowledge which is organized as a weekend outdoor seminar where participants from all around Macedonia attend lectures and workshops on Wikipedia and Commons Wikimedia, training and instruction of creating and editing articles, uploading and licensing photographs and other type of media and the means and methods of conducting expeditions such as Wikiexpeditions , Geoexpeditions, Agroexpeditions, Archaeoexpeditions and all other types of field research. Also another aim of the camp is to get acquainted and contribute to growth of the community by recruit new volunteers, members and editors familiar with the Wikipedia and Wikimedia projects.

Wikicamp Brajčino 2017[edit]

During the extended weekend on the occasion of the Independence Day of Macedonia from 8 to 10 September 2017, Shared Knowledge had organized its first "Wiki-Camp" which took place in the village of Brajčino in Prespa region. The camp was attended by 15 young people from several towns in Macedonia, who through mutual acquaintance and socializing had the opportunity to get acquainted and trained for editing articles on Wikipedia in Macedonian language, uploading and licensing pictures on the Commons Wikimedia, as well as the way of conducting expedition and field research in the scope of geography, nature, agriculture, cultural heritage, architecture and archaeology, whereby visits were made to the villages of Brajcino and Ljubojno and their surroundings where the particiopants have taken 160 photographs that are available for free use.

Organization staff[edit]

Project coordinators, lecturers, instructors and main implementers:

Members involved in organization and logistics:


Wiki Camp Dihovo 2018[edit]

Considering the success of this camp and the usefulness of using Wikipedia in everyday life, "Shared Knowledge" plans to hold 2 Wiki-camps during the spring and autumn in different parts of Macedonia and workshops and lectures in several cities of the country.