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CIS-A2K/Reports/Newsletter/February 2023

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Access to Knowledge
 February 2023 
 Volume 02 

Digitization & Documentation of Cultural Heritage and Literature in Meghalaya[edit]

CIS-A2K has started building partnerships with institutions in various states over the last two years. In 2022, the first project was launched in Arunachal Pradesh with local partner RIWATCH to document tribal culture and diversity on Wikimedia projects. CIS-A2K collaborated with West Bengal Wikimedians User Group (WBG) for this project. In February 2023, CIS-A2K in collaboration with Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Sohra, Meghalaya and West Bengal Wikimedians User Group (WBG) started a project to jointly work on the "Digitization & Documentation of Cultural Heritage and Literature in Meghalaya". This pilot project is partially funded by The North East Centre for Technology Application and Reach (NECTAR). The objective highlights for the event were digital documentation of the rich cultural heritage in particular areas, art collections, books, manuscripts, audio files etc. produced or collected in different regions of the state, online storage and display of the digitally documented products in the free and open-access platform of Wikimedia and read more...

International Mother Language Day 2023 Datathon[edit]

International Mother Language Day 2023 Datathon was conducted by CIS-A2K. It was a one-week Datathon that was conducted from 21 February 2023 to 28 February 2023. It was conducted to celebrate "International Mother Language Day" in 2023. This is an activity for participants who are interested in editing Wikidata and Languages. Through this datathon, we attracted new editors to edit Wikidata to provide some basic instructions, the datathon was fully focused on language, directly or indirectly. Appoximetally 47 people signed in to participate. All the contributors did a great job and we got more than 50K edits during this event. The editors read more...

Wikidata Online Session[edit]

International Mother Language Day 2023 Datathon was a one-week activity and during the activity, A2K organised an online session. The session contained a few basic tools to introduce such as and the tools like 'TABernacle', 'QS' and 'Mix n Match'. A total of 15 participants were in the sessions and most of the Wikimedians were the new editors on Wikidata. Jinoy taught them what is Wikidata, its importance and how to edit it. After the general information, he introduced the participants to basic tools and how to use them. The session was conducted on google meet and more information...

Upcoming Event[edit]

March Month Activity on Wikimedia Commons[edit]

Wikimedians or Wikimedia affiliates or groups are celebrating Women's month or the month of March. CIS-A2K is also planning to do an activity for Wikimedia Indian communities. The activity will run for 10 days, from 21 March to 31st March 2023. The objective will be to celebrate Women's Month and engage Wikimedians with this activity which will be simpler and more interesting for the users. More details will be shared soon with the event page link.

Hindi Wikisource Community skill-building workshop[edit]

CIS-A2K has been conducting Wikisource community skill-building workshops since 2022. The third workshop is going to happen in Kolkata for Hindi Wikisource Community. To promote, develop, strengthen, and support the collaboration between Hindi Wikisource users. To support sharing the knowledge, experience and best practices among participants, and offer a space to improve their skills, discuss persistent issues and cherish each other’s work. To support the growth of the Hindi Wikisource Community by connecting them with an experienced proofreader. To document the learning from various activities, which include projects, campaigns, events, etc. by community members in the past years, for later use. to strategize for the next few years, on how we can together shape up the movement in India and contribute to the growth of South Asia read more...