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Access to Knowledge
 October 2022 
 Volume 10 

Meeting with Wikimedia France on Lingua Libre collaboration[edit]

A2K & Lingua Libre Meet Flyer

CIS-A2K has been trying to work for a couple of years on Lexeme to use Lingua Libre and upload words on Wikimedia Commons. CIS-A2K collaborated with Marathi volunteers on the Lingua Libre project to develop language resources on Wikimedia Commons. As of now, roughly 25 volunteers worked collectively to upload 15224 recordings on Wikimedia Commons. Thus the potential of this project to document and preserve the languages was realised. CIS-A2K representative discussed the possibilities for collaboration with Wikimedia France members in the recent Wikimedia Summit. Taking the process further, a meeting was organised on 11 October 2022 with the Lingua Libre coordinator and Head of Diversity read more...

Meeting with Wikimedia Deutschland on Wikibase & Wikidata collaboration[edit]

Three months back, on August 10, a preliminary meeting was held with Alan Ang, Partner Manager to discuss Wikibase collaborations in India. CIS-A2K is partnering with various libraries and museums for the last two years to enrich content on Wikimedia projects. The focus of these collaborations is on developing structured data and integration with other Wiki projects identified by the organisations. CIS-A2K representative discussed the possibilities for collaboration with Wikimedia Deutschland members in the recent Wikimedia Summit. Taking the process further, a meeting was organised on 12 October 2022 with Alan to crystalise some Wikibase read more...

Filmi datathon workshop[edit]

Filmi Music datathon was an activity which was conducted by West Bengal Wikimedians User Group to celebrate the 10th birthday of the Wikidata. CIS-A2K conducted a Filmi datathon workshop on 16 October 2022 for Marathi volunteers who are interested in Marathi filmi songs and wish to contribute to Wikidata on the occasion of their tenth birthday of Wikidata. A total of 8 volunteers attended the workshop to learn the basics of Wikidata and the Open Refine tool. The Wikidata expert and organiser of Filmi Datathon, Bodhisattwa read more... (Social media

Wikimedia session on building archive at ACPR, Belagavi[edit]

The Academy of Comparative Philosophy & Religion (ACPR) has approached CIS-A2K to facilitate the archive project on Gurudev Ranade which will include works by Gurudev, works on Gurudev & his philosophy, images and audio-visuals. The session to introduce Wikimedia projects and archive process to ACPR trustees and members was conducted at Lokmanya Granthalaya hall, Belagavi on 24 October for two hours. In this session, an elaborate demonstration of all Wikimedia projects was done. The academy was founded in 1952 as a Public Trust in the Educational & Research category at Belagavi in Karnataka state. The academy was conceived by philosopher, scholar and saint R. D. alias Gurudev Ranade way back in 1924 in Pune and started its work. As the works of Gurudev Ranade are read more...

Upcoming Events[edit]

Indic Wikisource Proofreadathon[edit]

For the last couple of years, CIS-A2K has been organising Indic Wikisource Proofreadathon every year. The purpose of the proofread-a-thon is to promote the online activity to the Wikisource project for Indic Wikisources. For all Indic Wikisource, A2K has the community chosen a short selection of classical texts to be proofread. Each page proofread will win points for the proofreader, as described in the Rule section. Every page helps and it is not necessary to complete any text within this edithon, just to add to the work done in making these available to all. The Proofreadthon will run from 14 November 2022 to 30 November 2022. For more information read more...