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Access to Knowledge
 November 2021 
 Volume 11 

Workshop for Women's forum[edit]

CIS-A2K conducted an online workshop for the members of the 'Women's Reader Forum' on 16 November 2021. The purpose of this workshop was the introduction of Wikimedia projects to newbies. During these two hours, 38 members participated. The participants have expressed their interest in working with the libraries, relicensing the books, recording audiobooks, working on Wikisource and Wikipedia. In this session, members also discussed the reading habits, access to online books etc. read more...

Jalbodh workshop with Jal Biradari volunteers[edit]

CIS-A2K is facilitating the Jalbodh project to build content related to water and rivers. The activists working in the Agrani river basin in Maharashtra organised a workshop on 17 & 18 November to create the basic structure and category tree for the river basin. They uploaded the images from village level activities. In this workshop, three coordinators participated. The issues discussed were - Wiki pillars, copyright laws, licensing of content read more...

Partnership meeting & training session in Pune Nagar Vachan Mandir[edit]

CIS-A2K has been working with 175-year-old Pune Nagar Vachan Mandir Library for the last six months, to facilitate the scanning process in their digitisation setup. CIS-A2K is supporting the digitisation process, right from selection of books till uploading on Commons & Wikisource with OCR. The training session on Wikimedia Commons was conducted on 23-24 November in the library for the trustees and staff. The copyright law, different licenses and Commons scope were discussed in detail. The books are available here read more...

Digitisation Collaboration with Gokhale Institute[edit]

CIS-A2K has collaborated with the Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics (GIPE) for the last 4 years regarding various Wikimedia events. GIPE houses Dhananjayrao Gadgil Public library has books from the 16th century. They have developed a digital repository on dspace. They have agreed to provide all the scans of PD content uploaded here. The library holds rare material from the British era in the form of reports, volumes, collections, maps etc. The proposed collaboration is regarding the digitisation of Public Domain books from this library and bringing them on Wikimedia projects. read more...

Partnership Meeting & orientation session with H V Desai College on Pune History Project[edit]

CIS-A2K has a partnership with an educational institute which is called H. V. Desai College. It is situated in Pune and works to enrich history-related content on Wikimedia Projects. The institute took 9nitative to submit its proposal to collaborate with A2K two years back. But due to the pandemic, a meeting with authorities and faculty was organised on 25 November 2021 to finalise the project details and methodology. During this project training session, 30 history students participated. The students will contribute to Marathi Wikipedia, Wikimedia Commons and Marathi Wikisource. read more...

Maryana’s Listening Tour ― South Asia[edit]

CIS-A2K has conducted a meeting to interact with Maryana and South Indian Wikimedians which is called Maryana’s Listening Tour ― South Asia. It was a part of Maryana’s Listening Tour, where the incoming CEO of the Wikimedia Foundation seeks to listen to and understand the movement. This meeting was a collaboration with Stay safe, stay connected, a series of virtual interactions organised by CIS-A2K. During the meeting, approximately 20 Wikimedians were present there. South Asia meet was a platform where South Asian communities - and others from around the world - can connect with Maryana Iskander and read more...

Relicensing sessions with copyright holders[edit]

CIS-A2K is promoting the relicensing process for the last 3-4 years. Often the authors and copyright holders approach A2K to understand the process and Wikimedia platforms as they knew about the efforts that A2K is making regarding the relicensing process. In November, seven such online sessions were conducted. After the session, five authors - Yatin N. Hegde Desai, V P Gokhale, Mahesh Karadkar, Savitri Jagdale, Anil Kulkarni released their more...


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