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CIS-A2K/Reports/Newsletter/February 2024

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Access to Knowledge
 February 2024 
 Volume 01 

Collaborative Activities and Engagement[edit]

Telugu Community Conference 2024[edit]

At the Telugu Wiki Festival 2024 held in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, commemorating two decades of Telugu Wikipedia, Telugu Wikimedians and organizations converged to reflect on the past and strategize for the future. Through discussions and reports, priorities emerged, including expanding outreach to increase Techmedia engagement, enhancing quality and diversity within Telugu Wikipedia, and implementing structured support and training programs. Addressing challenges like harassment and improving technical infrastructure were also emphasized. Collaborations with cultural and educational institutions were proposed to foster growth and inclusivity. The event underscored a collective commitment to propel Telugu Wikimedia projects towards greater excellence and accessibility.

International Mother Language Day 2024 Virtual Meet[edit]

CIS-A2K and the Indic Oral Culture Team convened an online meeting on February 21, 2024, commemorating International Mother Language Day. Tulu language Wikimedian Bharatesha shared his experiences in safeguarding Tulu through documentary filmmaking, highlighting challenges like infrastructure limitations and community engagement. Participants discussed the importance of language preservation, cultural heritage, and documentary initiatives focusing on endangered languages. Insights on overcoming challenges and community updates underscored the significance of collaboration and meticulous planning in preserving linguistic diversity. The event underscored the critical role of community involvement in successful documentary read more...

Wiki Loves Vizag 2024[edit]

Wiki Loves Vizag 2024 showcased the unseen beauty of Visakhapatnam through a vibrant photography competition. From January 21st to March 5th, participants captured the city's essence, spanning heritage, culture, and daily life. The event featured an exciting PhotoWalk at Thotlakonda, where photographers explored scenic vistas and cultural landmarks. Winners across categories like Nature, Architecture, and People were celebrated for their creativity. The competition fostered inclusivity, with the WLV 2024 talk page serving as a forum for diverse dialogue. Ultimately, Wiki Loves Vizag 2024 celebrated Vizag's rich tapestry, immortalizing its charm through the lens of passionate photographers and read more...


Using the Wikimedia sphere for the revitalization of small and underrepresented languages in India[edit]

This report by Subodh Kulkarni presents a strategic plan to revitalize small and underrepresented languages in India through the Wikimedia movement. It highlights the linguistic diversity in India and the challenges faced by endangered languages. The proposed program aims to offer barrier-free open access to resources in these languages and involves designing research studies, skill-building workshops, and collaboration with academic and cultural institutions. Key objectives include empowering communities, enriching languages through technological interventions, and enabling scholars to expand knowledge. The report emphasizes leveraging Wikimedia projects for data housing and capacity building, along with promoting language learning resources and tools. Overall, it underscores the importance of preserving linguistic heritage and fostering digital inclusion for underrepresented languages and read more...

Open Movement in India (2013-23): The Idea and Its Expressions Open Movement in India 2013-2023 by Soni[edit]

The report delves into the landscape of the Open Movement in India over the past decade, drawing from literature reviews and discussions with experts. It contrasts the well-established Open initiatives in the West, particularly in the domains of Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Access, with the nascent state of openness in India. Despite efforts by organizations like the Wikimedia Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation, the concept of Open still struggles to gain traction and understanding among stakeholders in India. The study examines various projects categorized as public-funded initiatives and volunteer undertakings, shedding light on challenges and opportunities. It concludes with reflections on the need for stronger advocacy, community building, and policy changes to foster openness in Indian academia and beyond.