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Access to Knowledge
May 2020
Volume 5
Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon
CIS-A2K organised 10 days Indic Wikisource Proofread-a-thon from 01 May to 10 May. This was the first-ever proofread-a-thon conducted for the Indic Wikisource communities. 212 community members took part from 12 languages Wiki communities. The team of this proofread-a-thon was Classical literature. 148 books were selected from the Indian communities to work on during the contest and all the communities followed the rules and scoring system decided by the organisers with the discussion of there community members. read more...

Re-licensing sessions

CIS-A2K facilitated the OTRS process with Vigyan AshramSharad Joshi and N. H. Atthreya.  44 books from these Institutions and Authors were released under CC-By-SA and uploaded them on Wikimedia Commons. As the organisations and Authors have published these books by sponsoring the writers, editors and designers, the authorised signatory of the organisation has to complete the OTRS process. The simple 'How to do' step by step manual was developed to facilitate this process.

Indian scientists datathon

CIS-A2K conducted a datathon from 2 days after understanding the huge data gap on Indian scientists and researchers, working on different fields of science. This datathon is intended to fill the data gap as much as possible. Considering the current d:COVID-19 pandemic situation, scientists working on COVID-19 will be a priority topic. 18 community members took part in the datathon and made it a successful one and helped to fill the gap to an extent. read more...

Indic Wikisource Webinar

A Wikisource Webinar/Online workshop was conducted on 16 May,  where 30 people from different Indic Wikisource communities took part. This webinar was special training for participants who are participated in Indic Wikisource Proofreadthon and who knows about proofread and validation works on Wikisource. During the Webinar, many advanced topics were discussed but transclusion and electronic publication were discussed in detailed based on the community needs and request. read more...

Webinar on Wikimedia Projects

CIS-A2K conducted a Webinar with the association of Dr. D. Y Patil Institute of Engineering, Management & research Akurdi, Pune. To teach faculties and students to contribute Wikimedia projects in  Marathi, to utilise the time during the lockdown by contributing to  articles related to COVID-19 and subject speculation topics. read more... 

COVID-19 Taskforce support

WikiProject India COVID-19 task force is an initiative started by the volunteers to create and enrich up-to-date database related to COVID-19 pandemic in India. Every day database related to the number of COID-19 new cases, recovered and deaths are updated by a group of volunteers. In order to help the volunteer community and ease the work CIS-A2K as appointed a developer to a COVID-19 data submission tool read more...

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