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Correct date format on Wikidata

  • Problem: Different languages have different grammar rules to display dates. This works well for example on Wikipedia, but doesn't work on Wikidata. Using English for the surface data format is 18 November 2017, while using for example Hungarian language it shows 18. November 2017. The correct form would be in this example 2017. november 18.. There are other language examples in the linked phabricator ticket. It looks an easy problem, but there is no progress in the last years.
  • Who would benefit: Users of Wikidata
  • Proposed solution: Implement the language rules of date format from the existing code (of MediaWiki?)
  • More comments:


I think we could (should) merge this request with others dealing with dates/times on Wikidata:

Merging these requests about similar topics would gain more attention and higher number of votes, while the tasks itself looks rather small issues for me. Samat (talk) 13:50, 18 November 2017 (UTC)[reply]

This issue and those issues are unrelated besides that they deal with the time data type (and P2047 deals with the number with units data type!). Merging them would create the kind of task that is specifically requested not to be added on the main page. --Izno (talk) 03:57, 19 November 2017 (UTC)[reply]
  • I've been following this Phab thread for some time too and would support this proposal. I agree with Izno that merging may not be helpful as a wishlist entry because they're different technical issues that have separate solutions. Deryck C. 00:12, 21 November 2017 (UTC)[reply]