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That huge novel took me forever to finish, but I fell in love. In fifth grade, we were assigned to teach our classmates about any subject we chose. I lectured on nineteenth century literature.

Today, as you probably guessed, I’m an English professor. I also contribute to Wikipedia, editing articles about writers like Mary Shelley, the author of Frankenstein, and Jane Austen, who wrote Pride and Prejudice.

When I think of my work on Wikipedia, I don't just think of myself as someone who adds information; I think of myself as a teacher. Through Wikipedia, my reach extends far beyond any classroom. In the past month alone, Wikipedia's article on Jane Austen has been viewed more than 115,000 times.

At my university, I have access to many quality resources. But most people can't access these sources; they’re hidden behind a paywall. By editing Wikipedia, I can help fix this injustice.

I love learning. I always have. Which is why I believe so strongly that it should be available to everyone.

تسی تیار او؟ فیر مہربانی کر کے مینوں وکیپیڈیا سپورٹ تے جوائن کرو


Adrianne’s research is focused on 18th century British literature.

As a postdoc for Digital Learning and Research, she also assists her colleagues in finding new ways to integrate Wikipedia into their classrooms.